The I Matter Licensed Bridging Practitioner Programmes

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting

The I Matter Licensed Bridging Practitioner Programmes

Th I Matter Licensed Bridging Practitioner Roles are all about using your role to make it easier for the system to deliver I Matter Framework Informed Practice for Children and their Families.  You could be a: 

Link Referral
Senior Link 
Heads, Directors and Commissioners



The I Matter Bridging Certification Process is carefully designed for those in senior roles who want to support a shift in direction in the practice in their own setting to support some of the implications set out in the  Matter Framework

i) You have a good understanding of the I Matter Framework
ii) And that you understand how to support the delivery of I Matter informed practice with anxious and challenging children in everyday situations

The Application Process helps us to ensure that we have the right people registering on the training.
We generally prioritise professionals in settings where we are supporting focus children and their families on a longer term pathway

The design of the training structure aims to ensure that you are exploring theory and theory in practice from the earliest stages.

You can let us know that you are interested in a briidging role from early on or after the Intensive.

If we accept you on to bridging programmes you will be known as an I Matter Bridge Trainee until you have completed all the Certification requirements for your agreed role.


The briding practitioner training provides opportunities for offering

  1. Informed Support for referral pathways
  2. Support for embedding i Matter Principles in Every Day Practices

Thses roles are suitable for those who are working actively with children and families where needs are being regularly identifyies.

Participation in Bridging  Training is to inform the embedding of practice with specific children only.  It does not license you to teach others or to distribute resources to others.  The exact terms will be set out in your licence agreement


When we accept you as a Trainee Bridging Practitioner, you will be given access to online and printed resources that will help you in your role.   At bridge Stage these are intended to inform your thinking in an informal capacity only.  The assessment tools are for your own use only.    If you want to share them more widely then you or one of your team must progress to Stage 2 Training

An important condition of the license is that you respect the conditions of the I Matter Journey as it has been designed

This is the way that we ensure a consistent learning experience for you and for others.  What this means is that the resources that we provide are to be used for an a specific purpose in our agreed fashion.  We provide audits and checks as a condition of your ongoing licence

Professionals who work with children and families including teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, school nurses, health visitors, coaches, senior leaders, professionals, training & development professionals, internal coaches, and business leaders who are responsible for ensuring a more informed approach to supporting children and families especially the most vulnerable within their organizations or communities.  Professionals from a full variety of roles, attend the Stage 1 I Matter Practitioner Program™.


During the Awareness Stage of I Matter Training you will learn and experience:

  • A new way of seeing the world through the lens of the I Matter Framework
  • The I Matter unique 5-step process of working with challenging situations
  • The stages involved in identifying those with readiness to learn
  • The steps involved in embedding practices in your setting
  • Opportunities to consider the benefits and challenges of being a locality based or organisational I Matter Facilitator

The Focus of Bridge Training is on applying your learning to taking forward a small relevant development project in your organisational role.
Link Referrer - this is a focus on learning how to make good referrals and support people through a successful learning experience
Senior Link   - this is a focus on taking a supportive critical look at your own organisational structures - what would you like to tackle?
Heads, DIrector's, Commissioners - this is a focus on looking at how your organisation is operating - what would you like to tackle?.

Bridging training is a mastermind format.  We explore case studies and help the group learn from each other


Some Bridge Practitioners will have opportunities to progress to Stage 1 and Stage 2 Certification:

Licensed Practitioners s are supported with a variety of neans. Including but not limited to:

  • Help Desk for ongoing support
  • I Matter Bridge Practitioners Community Forums
  • Community Wheel and Relationship Health Membership

The I Matter Professional and Parent Practitioner Program™ provides participants Continuing CPD credits upon completion of the training.

The I Matter Professional and Parenting Training™  can be taken part in by professionals currently in the UK only 
Versions of the I Matter Participant Guides may be made available in multiple languages in future.
Please CONTACT US for more information regarding the options available.


Licensed Practitioners  pay a small membership fee to maintain their right to access their course materials and take part in community discussions.  Following certification, You are expected to retain your licence in good standing by working with at least one child on a regular basis.  If your membership ceases then your licence will also end or can be placed on pause for up to 12 months,


Please ensure that you read our IMPPLP Enrollment Policy prior to enrolling. By enrolling you acknowledge you have read these policies and procedures.

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