7 Reasons Adults Should Learn About Child Development

 What issues do you care about? When I first decided that if I really cared about the growing numbers of complex children in our communities, I was going to have to learn a lot of things in addition to the core psychology in which I originally trained, I had no idea of quite what an intense and challenging journey it would become.

Since making the decision to commit to this issue, I have had to learn how to run a business, and how to master a lot of technology - aspects that I cannot say I have taken to naturally at all.!
So, this video represents a lot of successes for me! I created a powerpoint, figured out how to record my screen to create a video, managed to get a voice over and upload it to youtube and put it in a blog! Yay!! Tonight I feel quite proud of myself!

Is there something you care about deeply? Something you have been putting off perhaps, that means that you may have to learn some new skills if you decide to take action? Let me know!! If I can do it, I'm sure you can!


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