5 reasons an understanding of Brain Development Matters

Did you know that child and infant brain development is not only very important it can also be very, very interesting!  

If you are pregnant for the first time and are wondering what to do with while waiting for the birth, why not use your time wisely and learn about how your attachment relationship with your new born infant will influence the way that their brain actually develops?    Here are a five reasons that this will be time well-invested!

1.  Your baby's brain will not be fully developed when he or she is born - there are really important things that your baby will only learn to do well if you provide the right sorts of opportunities.  In fact the wellbeing of your baby across their whole life will be influenced by what happens in these important early infant years of life.

2.  Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging role changes ever.   The greater your understanding of infant brain development, the more you can enjoy the early years of their life because you are more likely to understand what you are seeing - you will understand why your child is behaving in certain ways.

3.   There is lots of evidence that if a child is having difficulties it is best to get help as early as possible.   If you understand about infant brain development and how it is affected by your relationship with your child, you will be more confident about knowing what to do to get your baby off to a good start and also about when to ask for help and more confident about knowing what actions you can take that will help.  

4.   If you really understand what your child is needing for you and why, it is easier to plan your time and approach in order to be helpful to your child.   A lot of difficulties can arise when a baby does not get what is needed in their relationship with parents at the right times.    

5.   There is a very close relationship between adult wellbeing and child wellbeing.  The good news about this is that from day one, anything you can do to improve your own confidence as a parent will help your child become more confident - AND - it is NEVER too late to make a positive difference.   Learning about what your child needs from you and why, earlier rather than later,  can pay life long benefits for both of you.  

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