Your Focus Child or Focus Other

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

I Matter Applications:   Your Focus Child or Focus Other

The I Matter Framework Core Training with its focus on relationship health is a generic training that has very wide applicability. 

It can help you deepen your own understanding and confidence in:

Adult-Child Relationships (of all ages)
Adult-Adult Relationships
Self-Self Relationships
Home and Work Relationships
Direct and Indirect Relationships

When you register for your training you will be asked to identify a Focus Child or Focus Other. 
Then you will work through the exercises thinking about your relationship with this Focus Child or Other
Through reflection and participation in discussion you will use the I Matter principles to help progress your relationship with them to a healthier and happier place.

I Matter Training is described as a Learning Journey because the change process generally happens gradually over time.  There are light bulb moments and then there is a need to practice and reflect and practice again.    I Matter Training can therefore complement other personal and professional development options from a wide range of approaches: 

+ Psychotherapy
+ Coaching
+ Professional Development

Lead Professionals usually become certified to guide progress through the I Matter Learning Journey with a specialist focus
A key first step on a supported learning journey is to complete a registration and recommendations process thinking about your Focus Child or Other.

This steps helps clarify key priorities.

It is through the process of helping our own relationship health increase that we see jumps in a variety of priority issues:  Mental health, physical health, educational outcomes, crime statistics.  Remember to start with what is closest to home.

Your personal growth helps you, your family and your community!


As with changing our light bulbs, every small step makes a difference to the whole :)

Dr Cathy Betoin