Additional Coaching with Your I Matter Learning Journey


Whether you join an I Matter Learning Journey to
Strengthen Your Confidence or to Address a Specific Concern....

An I Matter Learning Journey actively benefits from exchange with others
Learning how to observe differently takes time
Learning to put ideas into practice takes practice.
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The following additional coaching options are open to those who have registered for a Five Steps Programme.

Whether you are a professional, parent or both, we offer several types of additional coaching and study support to complement your online I Matter Journey.  Parents-carers must have a recommendation from a certified Link professional. Certified practitioners usually work to provide services within a Community Hub locality area.

1.  Membership of the I Matter Learning Community
The I Matter Five Steps Course provides a lot of opportunities for private reflection and also includes a course forum.  The I Matter Learning Community has a role to further assist you in progressing your understanding of the theory to practice of an I Matter Learning Journey.   We provide a weekly recorded Q&A and a moderated learning space which bring together graduates of the Five Steps Learning Programme including professionals and parents. 

2. Individual Consultations or Coaching
Individual Coaching with a Certified I Matter Practitioner is available for purchase to provide personalized guidance as you develop your understanding of I Matter Principles. During phone sessions, your coach will offer encouragement, clarification, and customized input to assist you in understanding the I Matter Framework and its implications. Individual consultations or coaching are not therapy or crisis counselling and are not a replacement for medical advice.

3.  Small Group 6 Session Discussion Groups (Step 1-2 weekly or Step 3-5 fortnightly)
The core programme offers a low level of support with weekly Q&A based on presubmitted questions and a weekly members webinar programme fortnightly for professionals and for determined parents.  For those who come to the I Matter Learning Journey feeling very pressed or overwhelmed we actively recommend participation in a taught 6 session Fundamentals Step 1-2 class or a 6 session Theory to Practice Step 3-5 discussion group. These are run by certified practitioners.  Please enquire about availability.

4.  I Matter Online Theory to Practice Group Coaching
I Matter Online Group Coaching is generally reserved for those who are further on in their I Matter Journey.  They have understood the core ideas but the focus is now on keeping focussed over a longer period. We use online group coaching to support the extended journey and practitioner training.


NOTICE: Relationship Health Matters Ltd neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the study of the I Matter Framework nor the process supported by any professional or professional in training.  Relationship Health Matters Ltd hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties. The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational approach that is evolving and whose ultimate efficacy is affected many factors outside of our control.