Additional Study Support Services 


Whether you join an I Matter Learning Journey to
Strengthen Your Understanding or to Address a Specific Concern....tinypeople-trans (1)
The Level 1-3 certificates are designed to create a structure for learning about the ideas and skills involved in relationship health.  All personal practice depends on participation in discusssion.

Relationship Health Study Progresses via Online Learning plus Discussion Options

You may just take part in a couple of introductory relationship health online sessions,

If you decide to commit more actively to an I Matter Learning Journey in order to help yourself progress your own confidence in relation to one or more challenging relationships then there is a registration step.

The first stages of an I Matter Online Learning Journey involve learning the I Matter Framework.   Whether you are a professional, linked parent or both, the first steps involves registering interest for the Level 1 online programme.  The online learning can be complemented by varied types of additional coaching and study support.  Parents-carers can access study support by certified practitioners in their own communities and within a Community Hub locality area.

1.  Expression of Interest in Online Learning
Training in the I Matter Framework and in a relationship health approach offers you an educational programme only. We offer access via Community Hubs to help the process of finding others who understand the approach.   The first step is to complete an expression of interest.  Professionals are encouraged to apply as a small team representing their organisation or community.   Access to the programme for carers and parents requires a recommendation from a certifed I Matter Link professional in your own community.   I Matter Training is not intended as a stand alone offer for those in challenging situations.  Therefore it is important for you to consider your local support options before registering interest.  We aim to equip practitioners to support a local development programme  CLICK HERE

2.  Relationship Health Assessment and Recommendations
The I Matter Learning Journey Course is designed to encourage you to take responsibility for bringing about the results that you want in your own role.  An initial important step is to think about your current starting points and priorities with an experienced practitioner.   In a Relationship Tracker Assessment you will complete an online questionnare and then have a discussion about your current situation.  The aim of the session is to help you get clearer about what is happening right now and about your next steps. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT LEVEL 1

3.  Live Workshops

The I Matter Online Learning Journey can be complemented by participation in workshops which offer opprtunities to explore the content of the I Matter Framework and its implications for your own situation with others who are also learning about the same approach. Workshops are led by experienced practitioners.  At present live workshops are offered only to those who have registered for online learning and/or via a provider of assessment and recommendation services via a community hub CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT LEVEL 1

4.  Membership of the I Matter Learning Community

The I Matter Five Steps Course provides a lot of opportunities for private reflection and can be complemented by membership with Q&A library and course forum  The I Matter Learning Community has a role to further assist you in progressing your understanding of the theory to practice of an I Matter Learning Journey in professional and personal roles.  We do not offer guidance on individual situations.  We provide a separate moderated learning space for professionals and parents. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT LEVEL 1

5. Individual Consultations or Coaching
Consultations aims to offer personalized guidance as you develop your understanding of I Matter Principles. This requires an initial registration step and can be accessed by parents-carers or professionals in direct care roles.   During phone sessions, your coach will offer encouragement, clarification, and customized input to assist you in understanding the I Matter Framework and its implications. Individual consultations or coaching are not therapy or crisis counselling and are not a replacement for medical advice.  CLICK HERE

6.  Small Group Discussion 
The core online self-paced programme can be supplemented with participation in a small study support group for professionals and for determined parents.  The exact format will vary depending on local needs but generally takes the form of 4 sessions to review Fundamentals content and then a series of consolidation discussion sessions. Again we make a distinction between groups for professional development and those assisting with a specific challenging situation.   We actively recommend participation in a small group discussion. Groups for parents-carers are run by certified practitioners in their own communities and require a registration step. CLICK HERE

7.  I Matter Further Theory to Practice Group Coaching
I Matter Online Group Coaching is generally reserved for those who are further on in their I Matter Journey.  They have understood the core ideas but the focus is now on keeping focussed over a longer period. We use online group coaching to support the extended journey and practitioner training. LEVEL 2   LEVEL 3

8.   I Matter Practitioner Training
We are working on building a network of practitioners who are I Matter Informed and who can provide study support for others who are progressing an I Matter Learning Journey in partnership with member organisations who want to take forward a Relationship Health Approach  CLICK HERE

NOTICE: The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational and coaching approach.  Implementation of the principles is affected by many factors so every person's learning journey is unique.   We encourage participants to study and commit to helping their own adult-child and adult-adult relationships become happier and healthier.  There is always more to learn.