Additional Services 


The following support services are available to participants who have purchased the Phase 1: I Matter online Fundamentals study program so as to equip themselves with solid foundations for relationship health at home and at work

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Assessment Tools and Checklists

If you are in a challenging role or situation, sometimes a skills assessment is a really important step that can help you to get clearer about what to focus on.

Professionals and parents will find these checklists offer help in getting clear on a range of issues that are key to social emotional development.  They complement an I Matter Training Journey.

These checklists are licensed to individuals for personal use and are not for copying or distribution.  They should only be used in professional reporting by certified relationship health practitioners.

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Phase 1-2: I Matter Community Membership

Included with your purchase of the Phase 1 I Matter Fundamentals program is a 4 month free membership to the I Matter Community Q&A (£15pcm) and to the Study support programme (£48pcm) which offers, a moderated online resource for all I Matter Core Learning Journey participants and a monthly Live session.

The community offers a source of support for exploring the theory to practice of the I Matter program. Here you will receive inspiration, motivation and peer support from fellow I Matter participants. 

Living I Matter Closed Group Support

If you would benefit from group connection, additional guidance and accountability, why not consider joining other participants in an 8 session (5 weekly + 3 fortnightly)  LIVING I MATTER closed group. This online small groups programs are led by Certified I Matter Relationship Health Practictioners via Zoom.

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Individual Consultations and Coaching

Individual Consultations and Coaching with a Certified I Matter Coach is available for purchase to provide personalized guidance as you implement the principles set out in the program. During these phone sessions, your coach will offer encouragement, clarification, and customized input for your best success. Individual coaching is not therapy or crisis counseling and it is not a replacement for medical advice. 

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Progress Your I Matter Learning Journey

If you get interested in learning more then you may be interested in our extended learning programme.  The I Matter Fundamentals is an entry level course (Dip Your Toe).  Get Curious explores applications of the I Matter Framework to wellbeing and personal leadership issues.  Accelerate is a practicum explores the applications to supporting children's social development. 

After this there is the I Matter Relationship Health Practictioner certification programme and I Matter Study Supporter role developed with organisation partners as hosts. 

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If you are looking for a higher level of support in helping to progress your own confidence in supporting social emotional development, then the accelerator programme provides a combination of help to complete the assessment and planning process with a responsive flexi coaching service with a certified practitioner..

We offer this service for individual parents and for professionals who are linked to organisation partners.

Relationship Health Practitioner Certification 

Certification is needed to support I Matter learning pathways for people who want to progress their own relationship health in personal and parenting and educator roles.  Certification is by application and places are limited.   You will need to evidence your understanding of core principles and the support of a local organisation partner. 

Certification involves an initial payment followed by a monthly license fee.  

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Become an Organisation Partner

Relationship Health Practice progresses when individuals and organisations embark on a shared learning journey. 

We work with GP networks and Schools, currently in the Kendal, Morecambe Bay area, to help communities develop local learning pathways and networks that reduce isolation and can build understanding and awareness of these important issues over time.

Our certified practitioners all require support of a host organisation.
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NOTICE: The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational and coaching approach.  Implementation of the principles is affected by many factors so every person's learning journey is unique.   We encourage participants to study and commit to helping their own adult-child and adult-adult relationships become happier and healthier.  There is always more to learn.