Find Informed Support with Your I Matter Learning Journey


Whether you join an I Matter Learning Journey to
Strengthen Your Confidence or to Address a Specific Concern....

An I Matter Learning Journey actively benefits from exchange with others
Learning how to observe differently takes time
Learning the concepts involves some focus

Learning to put ideas into practice takes practice.
I Matter involves a layers of an onion process
With always another level to explore...

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In the standard online Five Steps study programme a basic level of study support is included
We are looking for professionals who are interested in learning how to facilitate additional study support options
Facilitators are encouraged to specify an area of specialist interest.

Whether you are a professional or a parent or both,
we offer 3 key types of study support with your I Matter Journey

1.   Membership of the I Matter Learning Community
The Learning Community has a role to support you in learning the I Matter Framework.
We provide a moderated learning space which bring together professionals
and parents who are progressing an I Matter relationshp Health Learning Journey.

2.  Join an I Matter in Practice Group 
 We are starting to provide some focussed groups who are applying I Matter key ideas in a wide variety of roles and situations.   Pariticpation in an I Matter in Practice Group starts with completion of a registration step so we can match you with others with similar needs.   I Matter in Practice Study Groups are offered by certified I Matter Facilitators from a range of professional disciplines.

3.  Individual Coaching or Organisational Consultations

Individual Coaching with a Certified I Matter Practitioner is available for purchase to provide personalized guidance as you develop your understanding of I Matter Principles. During phone sessions, your coach will offer encouragement, clarification, and customized input to assist you in understanding the I Matter Framework and its implications. Individual coaching is not therapy or crisis counseling and it is not a replacement for medical advice.

NOTICE: Relationship Health Matters Ltd neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the study of the I Matter Framework nor the process supported by any professional or professional in training.  Relationship Health Matters Ltd hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties. The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational approach that is evolving and whose ultimate efficacy is affected many factors outside of our control.