The I Matter Core Online Learning Journey for Adult-Adult Relationships


Are you an adult who wants to build or strengthen your confidence
in understanding how to have healthier happier relationships with other adults?

The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey offers a new look at some familiar material taught in a very practical way to help you in relationships of all types.

 If you are someone who is concerned to help yourself and help others and if think that relationship understanding could help your confidence and wellbeing then this will equiip you with key insights and skills for work and home relationships

I Matter Core Online Training is for anyone who wants to develop their own relationship skills
whether in work or home settings

Helping you in Direct Relationships with Adults and Children & Young People at work or at home 

I Matter Training will help you to understand what is happening in challenging situations with children and young people you care for who are struggling - at home or at work.

The training will help you understand about the brain and about your own key role in improving relationships and wellbeing including the sorts of attitudes and behaviour changes that you can make to bring about positive changes to support your child’s progress – and your own. 

The Learning Journey is supported by a structured and systematic results focussed approach. You will gain increased clarity and skills for your role.

Helping you in Indirect Roles helping others who are struggling with their relationships at work or at home

The I Matter Framework offers a new practical model for understanding what is happening in challenging everyday work and home situations. This integration of evidence shows your own key role and the attitudes and behaviour change you can make to support positive relationship change in those you support.

Participation will also help you understand how to support other processionals and frontline staff 

You will be able to help with building capacity for effective study support for other professionals through developing your own skills in supporting others through an I Matter Journey.

With a shared language you can work together.

Core Training in the I Matter Framework progresses via a Five Step Programme 

The intention of the Core Programme is to support a reflective personal development process in participants based on keeping a Focus Child in mind so as to achieve clear positive results for child and adults.  
Delivery methods include local or online workshops, online self-directed learning, forum and discussion groups.  

How does it work?
You will choose a focus significant other

THEN you will study the theory of the I Matter Framework
THEN you will explore how to put Theory into Practice.


The Content of the Core Five Steps Programme includes

Theory Made Practical 




What will completion of Steps of the Core Programme help you to do?

You will be an I Matter Informed Member of the General Public
You will have insight into the Relationship Health aspect of challenging situations
You will be able to informally discuss the I Matter Principles with others
You will be able to advocate more confidently for a change in emphasis in challenging situations 


You will also be able to apply to:
Become a Member of the I Matter Community
Work with others in your organisation to develop I Matter Practice

Continue to deepen your skills through the Extended Journey
Apply to take part in the supporting others programme

Capture-five steps

The Core Online Programme is the RED programme

You should be
+ someone who is determined to make a difference and
+ someone who is willing to study independently

We offer the I Matter Learning Journey for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of a relationship health approach to child and family wellbeing.. 

We are on the look out for experienced professionals who have completed the Core programme and Extended Journey who want to support others on an I Matter Journey

Your Investment - Prices in beta

Please be aware that each step is a complete learning experience.  Each person can go just as far as they want and at their own pace.
A Core Journey is about strengthening your understanding about relationship health ie where there are mild-moderate challenges only - not escalated or complex ones. An I Matter Clinic assessment & recommendations is recommended for more complexity   Click here for Introduction


The Background 
Getting Started
Online account
Online reflections
More information


The  Pillars of the
I Matter Framework

Online videos
Online reflections
More Information

STEP 3-4

Take Stock
More Information
The I Matter Process
The Five Priorities
More Information
Online videos
Online reflections



The I Matter Wheel
Q&A Library
Community Forum
Special Interest Groups
Option for Extended Journey
More Information


Getting Started
The I Matter Framework

Take Stock
The I Matter Process
The I Matter Wheel

Option for Live Getting Started Workshops via Fundamentals Programme

The above programmes are for start anytime online learning only. 
If you would like to get started with a Live workhop programme

On sIgning up you will receive:

  • Immediate access to the preparation stage of a tried and tested relationship health learning journey pathway
  • Welcome email with personal login details to your Core journey Members Area
  • Technical Support - programme works on your PC, phone or tablet

After completion of the preparation stage you will receive

  • A carefully structured step by step learning journey with videos and reflective questions
  • Listen in to Community Q&A Library sessions for for parents-carers
  • Opportunities to join supplementary study support with approved leads 
  • Go at your own pace