About Relationship Health Matters Community
and the I Matter Framework

We are a social enterprise with a social impact mission!

About Our Social Impact Mission 

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Relationship Health Matters CIC and I Matter Training partnership work with Primary Care Networks and schools to help professionals and parents-carers improve their insight, skills and confidence in a relationship health approach to improving child and adult mental health with the help of an I Matter Learning Journey

The Social Impact Mission of the Relationship Health Matters Community.  We aim to

i)  Promote the importance of Adult-Child and Adult-Adult Relationship Health for Child and Adult Wellbeing
ii) Support and equip parents and carers and professionals in their important role in a full range of essential skills
iii) Improve access to informed support for parents and carers and professionals when difficulties are present
iv) Campaign for the need for a more developmentally sensitive and relationship skill focussed curriculum in schools.


For Educationalists: The I Matter Framework is a curriculum to support the development of relationship health and the skills that support it. 
For Health Practitioners: The I Matter Framework offers an integrated biopsychosocial framework for making sense of presenting symptoms and challenges and supporting practical decision making that support joined up practice.
For Parents-Carers: The I Matter Framework offers an easy to understand practical and interesting back to basics explanation about what decades of research says is needed to help children thrive when they are struggling, with clear steps to help build confidence of the adult.

The I Matter Framework was developed by Dr Cathy Betoin, a practising clinical psychologist and experienced primary teacher, over a period of more than 30 years as a response to the confusion she experienced and often observed in services for children and families when there is anxious or challenging behaviour.    Training in the I Matter Framework helps adults better understand what the research evidence is REALLY saying about what is needed to help improve wellbeing and outcomes for children in

+ education,
+ mental health,
+ physical health and
+ safer communities  

The carefully structured I Matter training journey can be valuable for individuals wanting to understand their own challenges and for those who support children who are struggling or challenging.  Our focus is on building the insight needed to create the conditions for happier healthier relationships and communities.

The training journey in the I Matter Framework clearly sets out why our central service focus in child and adult mental health needs to shift. 

Cathy's books Relationship Health:  The Missing Link in Children's Wellbeing (Betoin, 2021) aims to make a case that Relationship Health is a central concept that should be a primary objective for any professional or parent or service committed to supporting children.






Dr Cathy Betoin

Dr Cathy Betoin Director of the I Matter Project is a practising clinical psychologist, an experienced teacher and a parent.  

After nearly 30 years of practice with children and adults with complex social emotional needs, Cathy is committed to finding ways to provide psycho-education and meaningful support to professionals and parents-carers, so that understanding increases between home and school and community.    




The home of the I Matter Framework and the linked training programme is located with the network of the Kendal Integrated Care Community a network of agencies and organisations that are working together to help Kendal and beyond support a happier healthier community for people of all ages.



You have a key role to play - Your Well-being and Confidence Matters!