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We have worked hard to design a training that presents well evidenced ideas in a carefully organised but easy to understand fashion supporting adults in working together more effctively..

One of the key issues highlighted by the evidence is that healthy relationships really matter for emtional wellbeing, for mental health and for educational outcomes and crime statistics.   So our priority is to work with professionals and parents to bring about healthier, happier adult-child relationships.

To develop healthily and bounce back from challenges, every child needs at least one confident caring adult figure who can support them and believe in them as they travel forward.    Our mission is to support adults who want to step up to this role.

However this is an approach that involves a journey - there can be ups and downs on the way. and parents and professionals start in different places.

For those who are just wanting to learn more our goal is to raise undertandings

For those who are really concerned and struggling, our goals are to reduce stress and rebuild confidences.

Impact for Parents

Feedback from Parents

Impact for Professionals

Feedback from Professionals


We approach the issue of research and evidence from a number of different angles

1.  I Matter Training offers a curriculum based on a syntheis of well established evidence 

I Matter Training offers a carefully considered synthesis of a very wide literature relevant to the healthy development of children and adults.  As such it constitutes an evidence informed approach

2.   When working with schools and GPs we pursue an Action Research Approach

Finding out how to share I Matter ideas in a manner that delivers sustained impactful results is at the core of what we do.  Schools and GP practices are complex communities.  Parents and carers have complex lives.  Bringing this all together is challenging so we have to try things out via small steps in order to discover what brings about best results in each context..  In our local pilots we have gathered varied data and then looked at it and adjusted as needed.   This is an ongoing process.

3.   When working with parents and carers we want to help them be in the driving seat.  

I Matter is not offering a treatment.  It offers education and support.    We use our registration process - known as the I Matter Q - to carefully assist parents and carers in thinking about their starting points and the journey that needs to be travelled and about their own key role.  The journey ti healthier relationships is one that takes varied amounts of time and investment for different people depending on their starting points.

4    Research Partnerships

As an Intervention, I Matter straddles both education and health.  Now that the core of the intervention and it's delivery has stabilised we are exploring possibilities for research partnerships with a variety of professionals from different disciplines   We welcome your interests and ideas.

5.    Other Evidence 

Click here for a discussion of other evidence

Next Steps: 

I Matter Training is based on a careful integration of decades of research evidence on what children need to thrive

Our mission is to get this understanding out into everyday understandings and into everyday policies and practices 

Starting with a focus on professional understandings policies and practices

Now that our delivery mechanisms for I Matter Training are more solid we are keen to work with researchers who want to explore

some of the issues that this training raises.

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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