Certification as a Lead Professional

You must be certified by I Matter Training to run I Matter Training Foundation or Intermediate courses. Certification is achieved through completion of the Foundation and Intermediate Training and completion of a Lead Professional Certification module. Individuals, not organizations, can receive Lead Professional certification.   However Leads must be supported by a senior leadership team and must have an active licence in place

What You Learn

The training teaches you how to:

  • Understand the I Matter Framework and Model and Process including the I Matter Q direction tools
  • Run study support for I Matter Foundation course
  • Present the program with fidelity to the tested, core model.
  • Apply the program to a range of adult learning styles.
  • Tailor presentations to diverse audiences and learning environments.

If you want to teach specialist applications, you must first certify as a Lead Professional in the adult progamme through our new Leads training (for one course type). You then must run at least one adult course with our  curriculum. Then you can apply to become certified a specialist programme such as our young person programme. The specialist programmew offer a top up modules

Licensing Levels

A Lead Professional must be supported by a senior leadership team with a commitment to the whole school devleopment process involved

I) Level 3 Lead Professional Licence - supports your lead professionals in gaining support for developing study support for online Foundation A learning 

ii) Level 4 Lead Professional Licence - we work with your Lead professional to deliver a programme of inset and embedding of practices using our tools

iii) Level 5 Advanced Practitioner Licence - we work with your team to support complex developmentally sensitive care co-ordination over time

Basic Training Cost

Member price:• Foundation A and B and Intermediate A training for two staff members (1 lead and 1 deputy): £1,500 plus annual organisational licence (basic, enhanced or premium - we will wok with you to develop a bespoke package)  

Tuition includes:• Initial workshop,  Training materials• online account, study support. Ongoing technical assistance once certified, unless otherwise noted

Payment guidelines are provided when your application is accepted  Payment is NOT required at the time of application, but IS required to reserve your spot in a training session.

Training Format

  • Courses typically start with a 1 day workshop run from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m
  • There is a period of 1-2 terms of online study involving online study and webinars
  • At the Lead Professional certification session, candidates will present an assigned portion of the Foundation course to the group.
  • Each Lead Professional candidate will provide a peer review for their colleagues.
  • National Trainers will conduct an individual evaluation of and provide feedback to each candidate.

Certification is not guaranteed for all participants. To become certified, participants must be present for the entire training, satisfactorily complete the workbook deliver the presentation, pass a written exam and must obtain positive feedback from course participants.

Apply for a Training

Lead Professional applicants can have varied professional core training. However, candidates should have knowledge of or experience of working with children and families where there are challenges including emotional and behaviorural and mental health problems (either personally, professionally or both).   Applicants should  have the support of senior leadership teams and prior experience in training adult learners and a commitment and strategic plan to roll out I Matter Training in your own school or community.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and we recommend applying 6 to 8 weeks prior to your preferred course training start date.

Individuals planning to conduct the course independently of an established organization must also submit one letter of reference fom a local organisation. Please see our letter guidelines  

Questions about the certification process? Please contact us

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