About Us and  Our Priorities

We are a social enterprise working with others towards these long term goals 

+ All parents of children who are presenting with challenging behaviour being able to access timely informed holistic education and support within their own localities and online from professionals and peers who can educate and guide their ability to meet their children’s emotional and developmental needs.

+ In schools, children having a statutory right to developmentally sensitive provision that is trauma informed and developmentally informed and able to support their social emotional progress, including for older vulnerable children.

+ Young people being educated for their own role as future parents and carers with a priority given to social competencies & skills on the I Matter wheel

+ Public health, primary care and specialist practitioners including the I Matter Framework as part of core training for the children's workforce in all agencies

To achieve this end, we provide psychoeducation and support to:

1.   Improve professional understanding of the social-developmental needs of children

2.   Support schools and services in developing the capacity to provide affordable impactful parent education and support

3.   Build community focussed approaches that support parents and carers of the complex child over the longer-term

We aim to connect with people and help transform relationship confidence

Our Business Growth and Development Model

We are a small independent social enterprise company and believe that we do our best work when we influence through an organic process.    We have built our foundation structures to support scaleability however the content we deliver takes time to process, so we like to work with individuals who are committed to the work of reflection and action.

To embed these ideas requires a process of reflection between senior leaders and front line staff so care is needed to think and make adjustments.  So we like to support individuals and small teams who want to influence what is happening in their own home and work setttings rather 

Our funding priorities involve assuring our ability to deliver our core offer in a sustainable fashion

We like to enjoy the process!

The balloons were released from the top of the Kendal golf course in summer 2013.  They represent the hopes that we share with families all over the country who are struggling to understand and help children who are displaying complex or challenging behaviour.  They also represent the belief and knowledge we have that against the odds and even when things feel quite despairing, it is possible to find a way through to see a positive difference.   Our logo represents the small step wise skills that adults and young people have to learn in order to create and enjoy those positive differences.

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It's quite simple really - we offer resources and encourage people to take time to think and learn about what is happening around them..

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We carefully gather evidence of the impact of I Matter Training using a variety of formats and will be presenting more here very shortly.

Get Started: Learn why healthy adult-child relationships and healthy communities matter for mental health, positive behaviour and healthy child development at home and in school. Then.. Take Stock and Go for Results.


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