Your I Matter Mission.... should you choose to accept it..

To complete a careful journey towards

..more insight and improved Adult-Child relationship health with one focus child 


It is not nice feeling confused about how to help a child.

Here at the I Matter Project we totally understand how difficult that can be...


The I Matter Challenge offers you our support for a shorter or longer term journey that will involve a deepening of your understanding, confidence in the research implications, and confidence about how to improve the wellbeing of children - especially your own.



just how different your life would be if you were able to be confident about how to have a better relationship with your own child and family members and how to help other children who were younger or challenging?

Imagine if there were less meltdowns and when those meltdowns did happen you knew what to do...

If you are a professional, think for a moment about how your work life would be different if you knew you had the understanding and tools to help many more children AND their families – in your own setting.

Imagine if there was less time casting around trying to find someone who could help...imagine if you could be part of the solution... whilst feeling part of a supportive network yourself.


Imagine the child that you have worried so much about looking happier in their relationship with you and others. Imagine just how good that will feel, knowing that you helped make the difference.

So, The I Matter Mission Challenge (should you choose to accept it) can be taken
+ by professionals of varied disciplines (who of course may also be parents) 
​+ by Parents-Carers (currently in the Kendal area only who are linked to member schools or services)

All you need to get started is one difficult Adult-Child relationship, or a child who has some significant struggles.

Then an I Matter Mission and Challenge has two key parts

The first part of your mission and challenge involves studying the I Matter Framework.

It is super interesting but there is quite a lot to learn and so for most people it is a challenge fitting it in!   

So we will help you take it in stages and with small steps :)

The second part of the mission and challenge - involves applying your learning to the task of improving an Adult-Child relationship in your own work or home setting -

For this part of the mission you will start by choosing who you are going to have as your 'focus child'

And then we will help you think about 

+ what is happening right now

+ where you want to get to

+ the steps on the journey to bring about the results that you want


Fascinatingly you will discover that focusing on this one child will offer you so many insights for so many other relationships - with children and with adults...  

This is how we start with the local and think global!

Feeling excited?!  I am!


Dr Cathy Betoin
Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and Parent