I Matter Training for Young People

Learning a powerful way of understanding relationships.

I Matter Training and Coaching for Young People

The I Matter Framework offers a powerful way of helping young people who are struggling or challenging.  The training helps young people gain clarity about relationships and choices and a way forward.

However, one issue we see is that often adults focus on the changes that young people need to make and avoid looking at what changes they need to make first.   

So practically what we like to do is work first with the adults and THEN involve young people.  By ensuring adults have understood some key I Matter ideas first, we avoid putting young people in the position of being expected to be more responsible than the adults they depend on.   The younger the child the more important it is that the focus starts with the adults. 

When we are confident that adults are understanding the key principles then a number of options can be offered for young people:

+ The I Matter Journey for Young People
+ Parent-child consultations
+ Consultations for children with known professionals

+ Age focused 1:1 or small group workshops supporting the I Matter Young Person study support process