Why Join the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey?

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

tinypeople-trans (1)People take part in an I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey for a wide variety of reasons

The Top Reason:
They want to see improved child and adult wellbeing and are ready to learn and do the personal work

Here are Fifteen Other Possible Reasons:
You could have: 

You and The Big Picture
Reason 1:  An interest in relationship health as an overlooked but very important and helpful idea.
Reason 2:  An interest in the I Matter Framework as a practical integration of the research evidence on what helps children thrive
Reason 3:  An interest in taking forward relationship health practice in work and home roles on strong foundations
Reason 4: An interest in the challenges that relationship health Insights offer established policies and practices in education and mental health
Reason 5:  A desire for social change and action that starts with putting support for relationship health at the centre of all decision making

You and Your Professional Development and Practice

Reason 6:  An Interest in more effective preparation of professionals for work with children and families in direct and indirect roles
Reason 7: An interest in education curriculum changes to put the skills of healthy relationships as a top overlooked priority objective
Reason 8: An interest in ensuring education and mental health practice prioritizes an understanding of brain science & developmental needs 
Reason 9: An interest in building stronger more caring home-school-community partnerships as key to all priority outcomes
Reason 10:  An interest in prioritising population health, including prevention based work and early intervention

You and Your Personal Development and Practice

Reason 11: An interest in improving own relationship health and wellbeing as a foundation for personal confidence and effectiveness
Reason 12:  An interest in how to develop strong relationship health with peers, friends and family at all ages and stages
Reason 13: An interest in being well equipped for the parenting role in caring for a new baby or young child
Reason 14:  An interest in being well equipped for roles such as foster care, special guardianship, or adoption
Reason 15:  An interest in strengthening own parent-carer insight and skills to strengthen current adult-child and adult-adult relationships 
Reason 16: A desire to equip self with solid foundations for recovery of relationship health with a child or other adult and with Self

You and Supporting Others
Reason 17: An interest in supporting your own community or organisation on a relationship health learning journey
Reason 18: An interest in becoming equipped to support others on a relationship health learning journey


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