Why Become an I Matter Certified Relationship Health Lead Practitioner

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This is an interesting time as we are now taking forward I Matter Certified Relationship Health Lead Practitioner Training

The next I Matter Certified Practitioner Courses will be opening in January 2023.
We are committed to offering a very high quality of training that can help participants to serve their own community

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By becoming an I Matter Certified Lead Practitioner and a Member of the Relationship Health Matters Community you can help to improve the skills that support the relationship health of your own community, starting in your community hub, school or clinic or workplace 

Practitioner Training offers you a carefully structured learning approach that helps you help others gain the insight and skills needed to talk freely about relationship health, understand how to improve it, and seek support and guidance when needed.   Our ambition is to see a society where everyone’s relationship health matters and where together we have the skills needed to solve the worlds most serious challenges.

We are a social enterprise, and proud to be a member of Social Enterprise UK.

We work with organisations and individuals and reinvest our profit to give access to high quality relationship health training. 

By training with us you will be joining our mission to help every community take forward relationship health awareness and core skills.