Well-Being and Progress Plans 

In a community that invests in parents and carers ,
well-being depends on many details and everyone has a something to contribute.
The first step is to know where you're at and then where you are going.

I Matter Well-Being and Progress Plans 
Preparing Yourself For Your Important Role

Five Steps to Success in Challenging Situations:  Community Wheel Networks

When you are offered a job you are generally offered a job description.  Then someone works with you to talk through the skills of the job and supports you to work out your training needs and then works with you as you gain confidence in the key skills involved.   The only part of our lives where this does not happen is in parenting and caring and general skills for life.  

Nonetheless times are changing and one of the most important investments that professionals in health and education and community roles can make in these challenging Covid-19 times is in the life skills, understanding and insight of parents and carers and young people.  What is happening at home will have powerful ripple effects into our communities.  Handling the issues of homes under pressures demands new skills of home management, budget management and relationship competencies.  A clear development plan can really help.


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The starting point of a Well-Being and Progress Plan (which can be for individuals, families or organisations) is an initial focus on the health of the most challenging relationships in the household.  Families complete an initial assessment and some initial I Matter First Steps Preparation training and then have the option of support with developing a Well-Being plan.   This includes opportunities to discover and build on resources that are available in the community that can support the development of new skills and new networks.

Every person who works on an I Matter Family Well-Being and Progress Plan works with an I Matter Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner who assists in reviewing progress on the plan and in accessing opportunities and resources.

The Well-Being and Progress Plan comprises a number of complementary assessments that can be used according to specific situations to establish needs and monitor progress over time.