I Matter Training for Parents-Carers and Adult-Adult Relationships

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

The I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey is an educational programme primarily for adults with options for young people.
It was developed by Dr Cathy Betoin, Clinical Psychologist, Teacher and a Parent
The training brings the research together on what helps children and adults thrive into a practical easy to understand form

We have trained parents-carers of children with a full range of ages and needs and challenges

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The I Matter Programme is designed to help adults who are struggling with;
·       Children and young people with challenging behaviour or mental health issues
·       Navigating difficult relationships
·       Unhelpful relational patterns
It offers a personal development process.


The I Matter Programme can be explored through:
 A Face-Face Fundamentals Programme 
 The Five Steps Online Learning Journey 


Participants to the I Matter programme learn about stress and wellbeing, child development, brain
development and the adult role, including the power of our beliefs and attitudes.


Adults take part in the I Matter Programme for the purposes of:
 Preparation for relationship health in a role in parenting or caring for children
 Strengthening relationship health (when there are mild-moderate challenges)
 Recovery or Relationship health (when there are escalated or complex challenges)
 Professional development or general education about relationship health


When there are more escalated challenges, additional support is always needed. For example:
 Agreed additional coaching
 Support from other services


Participants for the Five Steps Online Learning Journey need to be;
·       Willing to commit to an online programme (it is possible to take one step at a time)
·       Motivated to engage in self study
·       Available to access and engage with online I Matter discussion groups
·       Interested in developing healthy relationships


Funding for Parents-Carers 
Where there is need, we are working to make it possible for parents-carer to access funded accounts
We work with partners and raise funds to support this intent.

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I Matter Training can help Parents-Carers in Direct Roles with Children & Young People or Other Family Members

I Matter Training will help you to understand what is happening in challenging situations with children and young people you care for who are struggling - at home or at work.

The training will help you understand about the brain and about your own key role in improving relationships and wellbeing including the sorts of attitudes and behaviour changes that you can make to bring about positive changes to support your child’s progress – and your own. 

The Learning Journey is supported by a structured and systematic results focussed approach. You will gain increased clarity and skills for your role.

I Matter Training can also help Parents-Carers in Indirect Roles with Children & Young People for example grandparents, extended family

The I Matter Framework offers a new practical model for understanding what is happening in challenging everyday work and home situations. The clear explanations of the research evidence will show your own key role and the attitudes and behaviour change you can make to support positive relationship change in those you support.

Participation will also help you understand how to support other family members  

You will be able to help strengthen family members skills and confidence through bringing your own insight and encouragement.

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Our online training hub houses our core training programmes for those who are working with children, young people and families.  This introduces key concepts that are essential for effective practice with children with challenges):

Stages of Training for Parents-Carers and Adult-Adult Relationships

You Take Part in a Personal I Matter Learning Journey  INTRODUCTIONS

  • An Introduction (short orientation)

Take Part in Taught Workshops via Member Schools and Services with Certified Leads

  • I Matter Fundamentals (Getting Started Workshop offers a taster of an I Matter Approach)
  • I Matter Fundamentals Plus (Assessment and recommendations with Taught Series of 4 workshops)

Complete the Online Certificates The I Matter Core Learning Journey  

  • I Matter Step 1 Theory:  Introducing an I Matter Approach
  • I Matter Step 2 Theory: The Pillars of the I Matter Framework
  • I Matter Step 3 Theory to Practice Take Stock 
  • I Matter Step 4 Theory to Practice: I Matter Process
  • I Matter Step 5 Theory to Practice: The I Matter Wheel 
  • I Matter Extended Journey - deepen and consolidate confidence

Option to complete the Awards (complete online study plus take part in discussion groups)

  • After Step 2 Parent-Carer Link Certification (in context of member school or service)
  • After Step 5 The I Matter Wheel Award (via I Matter Wheel Membership)
  • After Extended Journey: The I Matter Mentor Award (end of Extended Journey)

Parents who are also professionals can apply to join Part 2 of the Professional Training track  CLICK HERE

PLEASE NOTE: At present, parents-carers can only access I Matter Training supported learning with discussion and personalised coaching with a referral from an approved Link or via member organisations with Lead Professionals where agreements are in place