I Matter Five Steps Training for Professionals 

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

Our carefully structured Five Steps training programme draws the research evidence on children's mental health and wellbeing into a practical and easy to understand integration known as the I Matter Framework.  This sets out the links between key ideas, that are essential knowledge for those who support children or work in challenging settings.  

The I Matter Learning Journey teaches the I Matter Framework and is for anyone who wants to increase their understanding of how to help children thrive. We have trained teachers, teaching assistants and residential carers (in direct roles) as well as NHS staff – doctors, nurses and health visitors – along with other health professionals, and social workers and family support workers who work  through indirect roles.

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I Matter Training can help Professionals in Direct Roles with Children & Young People such as Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Nurses, Carers

I Matter Training will help you to understand what is happening in challenging situations with children and young people you care for who are struggling - at home or at work.

The training will help you understand about the brain and about your own key role in improving relationships and wellbeing including the sorts of attitudes and behaviour changes that you can make to bring about positive changes to support your child’s progress or the other adults in your life – and your own. 

The Learning Journey is supported by a structured and systematic results focussed approach. You will gain increased clarity and skills for your role.

I Matter Training can also help Professionals in Indirect Roles with Children & Young People for example, Senior Leadership Teams, Commissioners, GP’s, Psychiatrists, Paediatricians, Police Officers, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Psychologists, Therapists, Parent Coaches, Social Workers,

The I Matter Framework offers a new practical model for understanding what is happening in challenging everyday work and home situations. This integration of evidence shows your own key role and the attitudes and behaviour change you can make to support positive relationship change in those you support.

Participation will also help you understand how to support other processionals and frontline staff.  It will enable you to assist parents-carers in accessing training that makes a difference.

You will be able to help with building capacity for effective study support for other professionals through i) the recommendation process and ii) through developing your own skills in supporting others through an I Matter Journey.    


I Matter Training is relevant for professionals who work in education, health, social care and community roles

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Our core training programme is held in an online training platform and are suitable for those who are working with children, young people and families.  The stepped process introduces key concepts that are essential for effective practice with children with challenges):

Stages of Professional Training

Part 1: Your Own I Matter Learning Journey   INTRODUCTIONS

I Matter Certificates (completion of online study programme)  MORE INFORMATION

  • An Introduction to I Matter and Relationship Health for Senior Leaders  
  • An Introduction (optional short orientation)
  • I Matter Step 1: Getting Started Workshop (Step 1 course - introduces the I Matter Model)
  • I Matter Step 2: Theory Foundations (Step 1-2 Course - introduces the key theory for practice with children) 
  • I Matter Step 3-4 Theory and Theory to Practice (Steps 1-5 - introduces theory and theory to practice content)
  • I Matter Step 5: The I Matter Wheel
  • I Matter Extended Journey: for those preparing for Lead certification and supporting others

I Matter Awards (when online study is complemented with study support discussion groups_

  • After Step 2: Link Professional Certification
  • The I Matter Wheel Award (via I Matter Wheel Membership)
  • The I Matter Mentor Award (end of Extended Journey)

Part 2:   Become a Trainee Lead or Trainee Advanced Practitioner. 

Certification prepares you to support others on an I Matter Learning Journey:

Part 3: Complete Your Certification by Submitting Your Log Book