Train to Offer I Matter Study Support 


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The I Matter Training Journey is carefully structured with several types of Five Steps Challenge.

Types of Five Steps Challenge:
+ Everyday Parenting
+ Couple Life
+ Preparation for Parenting
+ Preparation for Caring for Children with Complex Needs
+ Professioanls in Direct Roles
+ Practitioner Training

For Professionals interested in supporting any of the above challenges there is 
Stage 1:  Core Awareness
Stage 2:  Extended Journey: Working with Children in Direct Roles
Stage 3:  Training to support adults and children - Everyday Needs
Stage 4:  Lead Professional - Supporting adults and children - Raised Concerns mainstream settings
Stage 5:  Advanced Practitioner - Supporting adults and children - specialist settings

We are on the look out for professionals who are interested in training to support others on an I Matter Journey, either through I Matter DIrect Services or in their local community.  In the vast majority of cases, study support is offered as a complement to the i Matter online journey.  We do not train professionals to deliver the I Matter Training Journey content without the online support. 

This is to preserve the integrity and consistency of the learning experience.   Participation in I Matter Training can be a powerful complement to a wide range of other options available for professionals and parents.

So If you are interested in training there are opportunities to offer study support for

+ Professionals
+ Parents-Carers: Preparation roles
+ Parents-Carers: Raised Concerns
+ Young People

If you are a professional with advanced experience in specialist services for children with complex needs then you may be interested in Advanced Practitioner Training which involves learning to use the I Matter In-depth assessment and recommendations process.

To join us in a study support role requires completion of the Awareness and Stage 1 journey and registration for Stage 2 and/or Stage 3 roles.