Theory to Practice Workshops - Rethinking the Everyday

What does the Research Evidence REALLY say?


The field of child and adult mental health has presented professionals and parents with a fascinating but often confusing and diverse range of ideas.

The challenge for someone who is in a direct role of caring for children and young people has been to understand what this research evidence is REALLY saying.  Especially when so much of it has seemed to be contradictory.

The I Matter Framework started with a simple attempt to organise that extensive research evidence into something useful and practical that could support everyday professional and parent roles.     

There were a number of key criteria in whether principles were included in the core training programme:

i) The ideas had to have a robust research basis

ii) The ideas had to fit together with other ideas in a manner that helpfully 'made sense' of challenges

iii) The ideas had to be useful for professionals and parents who want to make a difference in their role.

The result - the I Matter Framework - and the linked assessment tools and training - together offer an easy to understand drawing together of important ideas that can help you find clarity and your way forward in a wide range of challenging situations.

However the process of drawing ideas together in to the I Matter Framework, highlighted that when it comes to improving outcomes for children and young people, in many aspects of professional everyday work with children and families and communities, our everyday practices are often missing some very important details

In fact the integration of the research set out in the I Matter Framework invites us to reconsider our approach to many elements of public life and priorities in.

+ Mental Health
+ Education 
+ Physical Health
+ Crime and Rehabilitation

So, if you have a group that is wanting to rethink the way forward around an element of your everyday practices then a rethinking practice workshop can get you started.  

We can work with starter groups with an Everyday Awareness approach or with groups who have completed more in-depth training and are ready to put their learning into practice.


I Matter is all about Ah ha moments!