I Matter: Theory to Practice Coaching:    A Courses


The I Matter Courses sets out an integration of important theory that it is really important for professionals and parents to be aware of.
A summary of this important theory is found in what we call the I Matter A courses - this is the online content to work through

However the I Matter Challenges involves more than just listening to theory.  The Challenge includes: 

1. Working through the course content and course steps
2. Putting your theory learning into practice to see clear results in terms of healthier, happier relationships.

When you register for an I Matter Challenge you choose a focus child or setting and then Theory to Practice Coaching will help you to put your learning into practice so that you can move your relationship in the direction of greater health and so that you can help your child overcome their challenges.

Theory to Practice:  A Courses Group or individual discussion
involves individual and group coaching with a focus on integrating your understanding of the First Steps, Intensive and Extended Learning Journey Foundation and Intermediate and Advanced Courses

Every A courses includes a credit of 6 study support sessions -ie one school half term
For some people this enough.   Other people want to work through the content more slowly.
They can register for a second set of 6 study support sessions.

To take part in Theory to Practice Coaching for A Courses you must have completed an initial assessment and recommendations or review step in the last 6 months.   You must also have the support of a professional who knows you and your child and who knows about I Matter

The Extended Journey is made up of 2 x 6 month blocks

First 6 months:  Foundation A and B
Second 6 months:  Intermediate A and B

Once you have completed some of the A Courses then you can also sign up for the B course - intensive 3 weeks of coaching

As you work through the steps you can earn the Certificates and the Awards
I Matter Informed - on completion of the I Matter Intensive
I Matter Mentor - on completion of the I Matter Extended Journey