I Matter 'Relationship Health' Licensed Services and Practitioners


The I Matter Relationship Health Directory lists those who are approved members and involved in the delivery of supplementary study support for an I Matter Journey to support completion of the I Matter Five Steps Awards.

Our intention is to build a network of experienced practitioners, clinicians and caring organisations who can support you as you learn about the I Matter Framework and about how it can help you to help your child.

I Matter Facilitators and Lead Professionals are licensed professionals who commonly work in the context of approved schools and services with a variety of disciplines that support children and families on the Awareness, Preparation and Strengthening Relationship Health Programmes

I Matter Advanced Practitioners are licensed professionals with advanced therapeutic experience in addition to their I Matter training. and are equipped to provide support to parents and practitioners and young people and their families on many issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, abuse, blended family issues, and more, linked with the Restoring Relationship Health Programme.

How does it work?

I Matter Training is not therapy, though participation can have therapeutic impact and can complement a variety of other support options.  An I Matter Journey involves a process of active study and commitment on your part.  If you decide to take part you are going to be learning some new ideas and members of our network will aim to guide you, on the basis of their own considerable experience, towards seeing best results.   

Step 1: Find a Licensed Organisation or Practitioner in your locality

2. Speak with them about your concerns and ask them to help you register 

3.  Agree an appropriate support plan with them to help you see results

I Matter Member Organisations

Kendal Integrated Care Community and Primary Care Network
Lead GP: Dr Amy Lee
Advanced Practitioner: Dr Cathy Betoin

Ghyllside County Primary School
Head: Huw Davies
Lead Professional: Gill Mason

Capture- appletree
Appletree Children's Specialist Treatment Centre Kendal
Director: Clair Davies
Lead Professional in Training: Clair Davies

St Marks' Primary School
Head:  Peter Barfoot
Link School

Queen Katherine School, Kendal
Head: John Hughes
Lead Professional in Training: Geraldine Wade





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I Matter Practitioners

Practitioners who support the delivery of I Matter Training and Study Support


Dr Cathy Betoin
Advanced Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist


Dr Amy Lee
Senior Link Professional
GP Safeguarding Lead







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