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Licensed and Accredited I Matter Relationship Health Practitioners and Organisations

Our certification programme is currently under development with our partner organisations. 

Professionals who complete I Matter Training can complete certificates and certifications as follows: 

i) to support their own direct work with children and adults   (This is an I Matter Informed Professional Certification)
ii) to support others who are progressing an I Matter Journey (This is a Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner Certification)

The core I Matter programmes for professionals all include a study support element, unless via a member organisation.  To get additional support with your own learning journey, you will be able to use the Community Wheel to check out who else is involved and check their website and contact them.    

The Fundamentals and core I Matter Programmes for parents-carers have study support built in with the referring professionl if via a member organisation or if via I Matter Direct.

Certified Practitioners can support an I Matter Learning Journey through face to face and online sessions. However we advise that those taking part in a recovery journey should work with practitioners in their own locality.

Licensed Leads and Advanced practitioners will be able to support you through the I Matter 101 or Five Steps Core online course, or they can work with you in person in other ways on your preparation, strengthening or recovery of relationship health journey without the support of the online course.  Some of them offer group programs and some of them will be supporting the I Matter Wheel Awards or be able to offer an I Matter Clinic.  

Check it out to find someone whom you think could help you!   Or perhaps think about training so you can become listed yourself!

Practitioner Roles

I Matter Lead Professionals - are experienced licensed professionals who support the fundamentals or core learning journey for mild-moderate challenges generally in the context of an organisational membership

I Matter Advanced Practitioners - are experienced professionals with advanced therapeutic experience in addition to their I Matter Training.  They are equipped to support a relationship health recovery journey for young people and families with more escalated or complex challenges and can assist with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, abuse,.   Advanced Practitioners are able to offer an I Matter Clinic with assessment and recommendations .

How does supported learning work?

The I Matter Learning Journey is not therapy, though participation can have therapeutic impact and can complement a variety of other support options.  An I Matter Journey involves a process of active study and commitment on your part.  If you decide to take part you are going to be learning some new ideas and members of our network will aim to guide you, on the basis of their own considerable experience, towards seeing best results.   

Step 1: Find a Licensed Practitioner who supports the course you are interested in 

2. Speak with them about your interests and concerns and develop a plan

3.  Register for the appropriate course and work with them to help you see results

I Matter Member Organisations

Kendal Integrated Care Community and Primary Care Network
Lead GP: Dr Amy Lee
Advanced Practitioner: Dr Cathy Betoin

Ghyllside County Primary School
Head: Huw Davies
Lead Professional: Gill Mason

Capture- appletree
Appletree Children's Specialist Treatment Centre Kendal
Director: Clair Davies
Lead Professional in Training: Clair Davies

St Marks' Primary School
Head:  Peter Barfoot
Link School

Queen Katherine School, Kendal
Head: John Hughes
Lead Professional in Training: Geraldine Wade





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I Matter Practitioners

Practitioners who support the delivery of I Matter Training and Study Support


Dr Cathy Betoin
Advanced Practitioner
Clinical Psychologist


Dr Amy Lee
Senior Link Professional
GP Safeguarding Lead







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Below is a list of Certified I Matter Relationship Health Lead or Advanced Practitioners and Trainees. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds and specialties and can guide professionals and parents as they work through the online program and develop their confidence in using the principles and concepts. I Matter Leads and Advanced Practitioners are all licensed professionals or experts by experience.   They complete a rigorous training program and can work in a flexible fashion across a variety of settings to support group learning and 1:1 coaching..

Advanced Practitioners or Trainee Advanced Practitioners
Help Get You Started With a Programme Plan - often for a Recovery Journey
Provide I Matter Clinic Assessment and Recommendations and a Bespoke package of therapeutic support

Dr Cathy Betoin - Advanced Practitioner

Online I Matter Assessment and Recommendations: Yes
Informal Assessment and Recommendations: Yes
Recovery Journey Group Support:  Yes
Core Journey Support: Yes
Fundamentals 101 Support:  Yes


<more information coming shortly>

Lead Professionals and Trainee lead Professionals)
Supporting Mild-Moderate Challenges and Strengthening Relationship Health Learning Journeys
Provide study support groups as you progress a Core Journey or a Fundamentals Group

Gill Mason

I Matter Online Assessment and Recommendations: No
I Matter Informal Assessment and Recommendations: Yes
Recovery Journey Support:  No
Core Journey Support: Yes
Fundamentals 101 Support:  Yes

<more information coming shortly>

Dr Cathy Betoin DClinPsy, PGCE Founder of the I Matter Framework
I Matter Training Stramongate House, Stramongate, Kendal, LA9 4BH
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NOTICE: I Matter Training neither warrants nor guarantees the level of success to be achieved by the study of the I Matter Framework as supported by any Lead Professional or Advanced Practitioner in training.  Nor, that the consulting services offered to professionals or to families provided by any Lead or Advanced Practitioner will be successful at all. I Matter Training hereby disclaims any and all express and implied warranties, including the Implied Warranty of Fitness for a Particular Purpose, with respect to the I Matter Framework Learning Journey. The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey is an educational approach that is subject to ongoing study, refinement and modification by I Matter Training and whose ultimate efficacy is affected by the training, experience and skill of the professionals supporting the study and theory to practice process.

Grievance Process: I Matter Training serves as the educational entity that trains and certifies professionals to offer study support to professionals and parents and career working through the programmes. Once a Lead or Advanced Practitioner is certified, they are private practitioners who recruit and work with clients outside of the scope of our organization. I Matter Training does not have a direct relationship with these clients* nor do we get involved in the relationship between consultant and client, which is private and confidential. Because of the confidential nature of these relationships, I Matter Training cannot monitor issues or disputes about billing, scheduling, communication, or any other conflict outside the scope of the consultant’s ethical practices. If you feel that one of our professionals has violated this Standards & Ethics policy, you will need to file a formal written complaint here.

Relationship Health Focus

We believe that children's mental health and wellbeing and resilience to challenges is influenced first and foremost by the adults at home and at school feeling equpped and supported in their own role, and then working well together.   When difficulties are present we believe that the process of change begins with the child’s immediate carers starting first with parents making sense of what is happening and taking responsibility for making the shifts needed to support a strengthening or a recovery process in the context of their own family’s unique culture and relationships.

The I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey assists parents and professionals in getting confident about some foundational concepts that will help them understand how to read and make sense of challenging situations and then gradually rebuild their confidence within day to day interactions. 

Working Independently or with a Lead or Advanced Practitioner

It is possible to work through the Five Steps programmes in a self-paced fashion.   However when there are additional challenges, we strongly encourage you to seek the guidance of a Lead or Advanced Practitioner, Our trained practtioners help professionals and parents learn to read everyday situations so as to develop a life style that assists the emergence of improved connection and co-operation which in turn is key to assisting the child in developing further. 

Parents and Professionals learn to re-think the pace of everyday situations, restructure routine activities and provide opportunities for relationships to strengthen and skills to develop . Parents and professionals learn how to create a connected relationship which allows the child’s brain to function more optimally . The program is organized into a series of steps so that any parent or primary carer can progress their skills and confidence at their own pace.


An initial I Matter Q assessment is one of the first things that a Lead or Advanced Practitioner will do with a new family.  This could be a brief process or something more indepth.   This provides a starting picture for discussing strengths and weaknesses in a relationship with a focus child. A period of study of the I Matter Framework in association with a consultation session with the Practitioner allows the relationships to develop with most confidence. Based on the initial assessment a short-term plan for each family is set in motion. Common initial parent objectives may include: attention to stress and overwhelm, assigning a 15-minute daily increment for quality time, slowing down communication pace, increasing use of non-verbal communication channels, or reducing screen time for everyone in the family.

Ongoing Training

The frequency and format of ongoing support for each professional or family situation is individualized and depends on their progress and current priorities. Once parents have gained a basic understanding of the I Matter Framework and have restored basic confidence in using the I Matter Process then we focus on refine and strengthening confidence.  Where possible Leads and Advanced Practitioners will meet with child and family and use other skills and competencies to support progress and help agree achieveable objectives. Increasingly, geography is not an issue for consultants and families who can utilize the I Matter Tools to organize ongoing communication, video submissions, current and future objectives and yearly assessment findings. In addition, parents have access to a video library containing discussion and examples on a variety of topics with other parents.