The Kendal I Matter Learning Hub

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Here is what we know about caring for children or about being in relationship with others:
Relationships are really important but can be challenging.   Informed support really matters.

Our first locally supported I Matter Learning Journey Hub is in Kendal.
This hub joins up professionals and non-professionals in health, education and community

The Five Steps of the I Matter Journey are designed to help offer a structure for your learning.
However we know what is best in an I Matter Journey is finding support and building a team or network
This wider informed team will help you put your I Matter learning into practice so child and adult mental health can improve


We are still learning, but one day we would love there to be other supported learning hubs!
Our vision is teams of professionals and community leaders working together to support
the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey in their own area.

To run a hub you would need: 
A team of professionals or a pastoral team representing key roles in your area
Commitment to completing your own I Matter Learning Journey
Commitment to working together to become certified to run a programme of study support

If that sounds interesting - please contact us