The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitator Programme

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting

The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitator Programme

I Matter Stage 2 Licensed Practice is all about supporting others on an I Matter Journey.   This could be: 

Young People




The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Practitioner (IMPPLFP) Stage 2 Certification Process is carefully designed to ensure that 

i) You have a good understanding of the I Matter Framework and the implication for practice in everyday situations
ii) You are effective in supporting and training others who are learning the I Matter Framework and thinking about its implications
iii) That we have agreed a licence for the scope of your I Matter practice:

The Application Process helps us to ensure that we have the right people registering on the training.
The design of the training structure aims to ensure that you are exploring theory and theory in practice from the earliest stages.

Anytime after completion of the Intensive you can let us know that you are interested in Certification.

If we accept you on to the Lead, Lead Plus or Advanced Practitioner Training programmes you will be known as an I Matter Stage 2 Trainee until you have completed all the Certification requirements for your agreed role.


The IMPPLFP provides opportunities for offering

  1. Prevention and outreach programmes
  2. Responsive support when there are raised concerns and longer term needs through 1:1 and small group learning

The programme is suitable for seasoned and emerging therapists, coaches and leaders as it offers an easy-to-implement structured learning process for professionals and parent clients who are supporting anxious and challenging children.    Potential Facilitators first learn the I Matter Framework as a practical way of understanding relationships and then they learn how to deliver training in the I Matter Framework for others including how to generate clear interest and curiosity and clear commitments with strong accountability to achieve the results necessary that improve relationship health and confidence.

Participants gain a license to facilitate the Getting Started and First Steps program in their own organisation or agreed community.    The exact terms will be set out in your licence agreement


When we accept you as a Trainee Stage 2 Practitioner, you will be given access to online and printed resources that will help you learn to deliver an I Matter Study Programme within our Guidelines.

There are a number of different ways that this can be done. 
However an important condition of the license is that you respect the structure of the I Matter Journey as it has been designed

This is the way that we ensure a consistent learning experience.  What this means is that the resources that we provide are to be used for an a specific purpose in our agreed fashion.  We provide audits and checks as a condition of your ongoing licence

Professionals who work with children and families including teachers, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, school nurses, health visitors, coaches, senior leaders, professionals, training & development professionals, internal coaches, and business leaders who are responsible for ensuring a more informed approach to supporting children and families especially the most vulnerable within their organizations or communities.  Professionals from a full variety of roles, attend the I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitator Program™.


During the Awareness Stage and in Stage 1 training, you will learn and experience:

  • A new way of seeing the world through the lens of the I Matter Framework
  • The I Matter unique 5-step process of working with challenging situations
  • The way that we use assessments to guide the focus and direction of our work
  • Core I Matter skills that support a longer term restorative approach focussed on your own relationship with children and with parents and with colleagues
  • Effective I Matter Coaching practice with children and young people and parents
  • Opportunities to consider the Bridging Roles of I Matter Link, Senior Lead, or Informed Head, Director or Commissioner.
  • Opportunities to consider the benefits and challenges of being a locality based or organisational I Matter Facilitator

In Stage 2 Facilitator Training for Lead, Lead Plus and Advanced Practitioner Roles you will learn

  • How to structure the delivery of an I Matter Training approach for participants with different needs.
  • When you should offer an I Matter Coaching Programme and when you shouldn’t
  • How to get potential enrollees excited about participating in an upcoming I Matter Getting Started Workshop, First Steps or Intensive™,
  • How to deliver or manage the assessment and recommendations process according to your roles and experience
  • How to set up referral pathways that support safe practice and a supportive network
  • Effective ways to influence your team with an I Matter Approach
  • Tips on how to deliver the I Matter 30 Day Intensive™ across cultures
  • How to work with decision-makers in your organization to embed thinking through your setting
  • How to develop a safe process for providing longer term support


The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitator Training™ has earned a reputation as a comprehensive training for those who support children and families in a wide range of roles

As a Licensed Facilitator, you can deliver the I Matter Getting Started, First Steps and 30 Day Intensive™ to parents and to professionals who are supporting vulnerable children. Your participants will discover the I Matter Framework as a powerful way of seeing the world that facilitates work and home relationships.  

The I Matter Getting Started, First Steps and 30 Day Intensive can be delivered for professionals and for parents via a number of formats:
+ Through face to face workshops
+ Through taught online workshops for your own agreed community
+ Through face to face study support for the full online programmes
+ Through online study support workshops for the online programme

I Matter 30 Day™ Licensed Facilitators are required to purchase an I Matter 30 Day ™ Participant Manual for each person who participants in an I Matter Intensive™.

However there are a number of different ways of delivering the content and study support elements of the programme.

So on the understanding that you will respect the core structure of the programme you can offer a range of flexible options as follows:

Face to Face Workshops


Blended Learning

Without Online

Participant book only

You work face to face and teach the ideas to individuals or small groups with posters or with paper and pens

You work via zoom with I Matter Posters and teach the ideas to individuals or small groups

You offer a combination of initial face to face welcomes supported by online teaching

With Online Programmes
Participant guide and personal online account

You register your group members to the online programme and then run a face to face study support programme

You register your group members to the online programme and then run an
online study support programme

You register your group members and then run a combination study support programme

You will learn about the pros and cons of these different approaches for different need groups.

Not only will you be licensed to deliver the Getting Started, First Steps and 30 Day Intensive™ to your team, you will also have access to I Matter Intensive™ components that can be delivered in shorter amounts of time and/or separated into teaching blocks to meet the needs and schedules of your client group.


You are asked to purchase an I Matter Participant Guide and/or online course registration for your clients as this helps ensure the integrity and consistency of the learning experience. According to your experience you can be licensed to facilitate programs for targeted groups eg Adoptive Parents, Parents of Toddlers, Professionals in Residential settings, based on your own interests and expertise.


Some Experienced Facilitators will have opportunities to progress to additional options:
+ becoming licensed to deliver the specialist assessment and recommendations process
+ becoming licensed to deliver longer term online coaching using our custom platforms

The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitator Program™ includes all materials and affiliate log on details for the successful delivery of and Getting Started Workshop and First Steps Programme™ and 30 day Intensive™:

  • I Matter 30 Day Intensive Participant Guide
  • I Matter 30 Day Intensive Facilitator Guide
  • Affiliate log in links for the agreed programmes
  • I Matter A4 Poster sets in a presentation folder
  • I Matter A3 poster sets
  • Downloadable files, including program PowerPoint Presentation

Licensed Facilitators are supported with a variety of delivery and marketing resources. Including but not limited to:

  • Help Desk for ongoing support
  • An I Matter Professional and Parent Licensed Facilitators Community Forum
  • Customizable marketing materials

The I Matter Professional and Parent Licensing Program™ provides participants Continuing CPD credits upon completion of the training.

The I Matter Professional and Parenting Training™  can be delivered by Licensed Facilitators throughout the world.
Versions of the I Matter Participant Guides can be made available in multiple languages. Please CONTACT US for more information regarding the options available.


Licensed Facilitators pay a small membership fee to maintain their right to deliver I Matter Getting Started, First Steps and 30 Day Intensive Clinic™.   Following certification, You are expected to retain your licence in good standing by delivering at least one course a year.  If your membership ceases then your licence will also end or can be placed on pause for up to 12 months,

Once approved, you can become affiliates or associates of the I Matter Programme and can therefore also benefit directly from the sales of the online programmes.   We are currently exploring how to make this work well for all concerned .

The I Matter First Steps and Intensive are designed to promote reflection so we specify a limit on the number of participants in study support groups - usually to a maximum of 10.

Occasionally a planned programme for a larger group can be started off with a larger group Getting Started Workshop.


Please ensure that you read our IMPPLP Enrollment Policy prior to enrolling. By enrolling you acknowledge you have read these policies and procedures.

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