The I Matter Framework is a psycho-educational programme  We are not offering therapy or any form of treatment.  This is not a crisis support service.  If you need urgent advice you should contact professionals in your own locality.  You can also obtain advice from the Young Minds Parent Helpline

Our intention is to support a longer term learning process.  We have carefully designed this site on this platform as it offers best practice information management principles and is very well designed for the purposes of sharing I Matter principles.

Our aim is to help adults gain insight and access guidance that we know is difficult to find elsewhere.  However please be aware that though we take all reasonable data security precautions any information, and particularly any information of a sensitive nature is shared with us at your own risk.

PROFESSIONALS: As a key part of an I Matter learning journey you will be asked to think about a focus child but should never provide any identifying details that is sensitive for yourself or the child or others.

PARENTS-CARERS;  If you want to use this site for personal learning you will usually access the site with support of a member school or service.  We advise that where possible you should use an email that does not include your own personal name. In any shared parts of the site you will be expected to use a screen name and should not use names or identifying details in any online recording that can impact yourself or others.   If in prefer you may complete all of the reflective aspects in downloadable work books.  

You should never disregard local advice because of something you have learned on this site

Please ensure you have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy