I Matter Relationship Health Senior Leads Fundamentals 

The I Matter Senior Leads Fundamentals Course

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The Senior Leads Fundamentals Course introduces the Pillars of the I Matter Framework.    The intention is to offer a fast paced overview to help support an understanding of the big picture.   However an I Matter learning Journey involves the process of learning to put these ideas into practice.

The Fundamentals is usually offered four taught 75min workshops.

The Fundamentals course starts with a Getting Started Workshop and provides tasters of other important theoretical ideas of a Relationship Health Approach. 

The Senior Leads Fundamentals Course is a taught course.  Participation is key to becoming an organisational member of a community hub and to developing a strategic approach

Participants complete a registration step thinking about a focus child or other.  This should ideally be a child or adult where there is a desire to help improve relationships as part of improving wellbeing.  Participants are also registered on the 14 day email course known as the Essentials of Attachment.  

PLEASE NOTE: The focus in this course is on developing personal insight and confidence in everyday situations.  The Fundamentals offers a fast paced overview of the I Matter Map.  It is not the I Matter Journey which requires more extended commitment to learning theory and to putting theory into practice.

Costs:                            £700 or
Time commitment:        4 x 2 hrs 
Extra:                            14 days Essentials of Attachment Email 
                                      Registration step
Dates:                            Tues mornings 9.15-10.30 pm  rolling programme.

Extras:                           Option to progress to Five Steps Online


The Senior Leads Fundamentals Workshops 

The Fundamentals course offers a fast paced overview of the I Matter Framework usually offered as a preliminary to online study.

  • Getting Started with the I Matter Model
  • Essential I Matter ideas
  • Attachment , alarm and the brain
  • The power of our beliefs and attitudes
  • The Process of looking for Nuggets and GEMS
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Senior Leads Fundamentals you will be able to

  • Understand what is meant by the missing links
  • Have an understanding of the I Matter Framework 
  • Have explored theory to practice implications
  • Understand methods of assessing relationship health, developing plans and tracking progress

In approved clinic settings we combine the Fundamentals Course with an in depth questionnaire and consultation step with a practitioner.