I Matter Relationship Health
Supporting Others Certification

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

I Matter Relationship Health Practitioner Development
Supporting Others Certification

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The I Matter Training Journey has been carefully designed to offer training in the overlooked issue of Relationship Health, with a view to support improved understanding between professionals, parents and young people.   There are now certificates that can be worked through.  However the certificates are not what an I Matter Journey is about.  Instead we focus on equipping participants for key roles they play in families, organisations and communities by ensuring that they have had time to reflect on issues of vital importance for their own role.

Fundamentally an I Matter Journey involves a personal development process that invites us to grapple with our own role in relationships.  This is an ongoing life long process.   So the early stages of an I Matter Journey involve learning key ideas and the later stages involve sticking with the challenges of putting that learning into practice.  

 I Matter® is a registered trademark and covers the resources that teach the I Matter Framework and the assessment and online learning tools that support provision of the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey.  The resources used to support the I Matter Journey are a key element of the learning approach.  So the way we support the learning journey aims to ensure that the fundamental ethos of the approach is shared and implemented with consistency by trained practitioners.   


Phase 1: Awareness (via Getting Started programmes)
Phase 2: Informed Practice (supported by Five Steps Online and Extended Journey Online study - via this site)
Phase 3: Supporting Others on an I Matter Journey (Link and Facilitator roles, supporting Phase 2)
Phase 4: Specialist Lead Roles (Relationship Health Subject Lead, Educator, Clinical Lead supporting Phase 1)

If you are interested in Facilitator Certification or in the Relationship Health Skills Curriculum Subject Lead Role, please contact us.    This programme is currently offered to those who we have got to know whilst they are progressing their Five Steps and Extended Learning Journey.

Role  Recommended Study Level
Professionals who work with children  Min Getting Started - ideally Five Steps
Relationship Health Skills Curriculum Leads Five Steps and Extended with Implementing support
                 Parents-Carers - no concerns                  Getting Started - ideally Five Steps
          Parents-Carers - children with challenges                         Five Steps with Support
             Preparation for Adoption/Fostering             Five Steps and Extended with Follow-up
                      Adopters/Foster Carers                Five Steps with support and Extended
                Interested in supporting others                     Get involved and speak to us!