I Matter Professionals Network: Relationship Health Practice 

Improve your confidence in the theory and practice of relationship health today

I Matter Professional Network: 

The I Matter Professionals Network is for Professionals interested in Relationship Health Practice

The Mission of the Relationship Health Practice Network is to:
i) Promote the importance of Relationship Health for Child and Adult Wellbeing
ii) Educate and equip professionals and parents to recognise and support relationship health needs and the developmental foundations of social development via support for the I Matter Training Awards 
iii) Support the development and delivery of clinical pathways for children with complex needs and their families - supporting more timely assessment and longer term oversight and training process

A programme of webinar sessions run Thursdays

CORE SESSION:  Thursday Week 2 of each month 5-6pm GMT
Complemented by Online I Matter Journey



CORE (Monthly)   
ACTIVE (Weekly)
EXTENDED (extended plus Core)
ACTIVE EXTENDED (extended plus Active)

Core Membership is open to those who have completed
I Matter First Steps or Intensive Online Training. 
Extended Membership introduces the I Community Wheel
Options for dual membership of the I Matter Parent I Matter Parent Network 



The I Matter Professionals Network has its roots in the Kendal Integrated Care Community and in the Love Morecambe Bay Network

Now we are developing our ability to share these ideas more widely.


We are a community that supports professionals in growing their confidence in relationship health practice

 Monthly Network Session (Thurs 5-6 Week 2) (Open after First Steps or Intensive)
ACTIVE (For those who have completed Intensive) (Thurs monthly (5-6 Wk 1,3 4)  
EXTENDED: after the Intensive includes the Extended Journey plus Core membership
ACTIVE EXTENDED: after the intensive includes the Extended Journey plus Active membership

All levels include membership of the Relationship Health Matters Community

Monthly Programme:  Thursdays 5-6pm
Wk 1: Active  Q&A focus on Community Wheel Theme
Wk 2: Active: Introduction of Community Wheel Theme of the Month
Wk 3: Core:   Q&A based on the Intensive
Wk 4: Active: Goal progressing and film club

Extended Journey - A Courses
Foundation A - Week 1 and 3
Intermediate A - Week 2 and 4

Core:        £12pcm or £120pa
Active:      £35pcm or £350pa
Extended: £75pcm or £850pa
Active Ext: £95pcm or £995pa

The I Matter Professionals Network is for you if:  
You have completed your Intensive online training AND  you want to learn more

You know that
+ The skills of adults - professionals and parents - are vital to the wellbeing of children 
+ You know we need something different from traditional professional training and parenting classes
+ You have an interest and skills in connecting with others who are learning about a Relationship Health approach
+ You are interested and ready to put in time to study so as to develop your personal insight and skills in full range of issues  
+ You want to be part of supporting the development of adults understanding and skills in your locality - starting with you