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I Matter Relationship Health Practice Local helps you find others in your community who want to support a Relationship Health Approach

I Matter Relationship Health Practice Local for....

Relationship Health Practice Network Local is for professionals 

These are the features of all of our groups.. you can 

+ Connect with others with similar interests 

+ Deepen your learning about the I Matter Framework

+ Support a Community learning Wheel in your setting

+ Share challenges and experiences

+ Swap ideas and opportunities

+ Be part of a vibrant and supportive community

Get help and support to build your confidence


If you would love to connect and collaborate with other professionals or parents and carers in your local area who are interested in taking forward I Matter Framework and Community Wheel thinking with the age or needs of children and families that you work with, then I Matter Local is for you!

My name is Dr Cathy Betoin and I’m the Founder of the I Matter Framework Training Company, the premier resource to help professionals and parents of challenging children. Having been a clinical psychologist and a teacher and a parent for over 20 years before developing the I Matter Framework, I know exactly what it’s like to experience that feeling of confusion about what to do to help challenging children

Yes, there are plenty of ideas around and there are organisations teaching different things but the ideas and advice often seem to be conflicting and you may also sometimes feel an obligation to appear confident about how to help a situation when you are not

For the last 3 years I have developed the I Matter Framework training programme which offers training for professionals and for parents. Time and again participants tell me how much they love the training including the feeling of connection and community they get from being with others who care about the same things. But with capacity limited, I wanted a way to spread the benefits of the I Matter community even further.

I Matter Local provides quarterly events in various places around the UK and Ireland, designed to offer specific networking with like-minded people – people who just get what it’s like to work with challenging children and their families – along with fantastic support and opportunities to share challenges and wins (and a cuppa!) in a safe, friendly environment.

Find your nearest I Matter Local for ... event below and click to find out more about your I Matter Local for.. Leader and how you can book your spot at the next event!


Who is Relationship Health Practice Local for... for ?

The detail focus of the group will be in the name.   Group leaders can specify who their group is for and what the specific focus is

How many people will there be?

Anything up to ten people at each one would be a good guess, but numbers can vary in each location..

How much is it? 

For I Matter members the cost is £10 + VAT. When specific events are opened to non-members costs will usually be £12 + VAT

Do I have to be a Member to attend?

Yes, you do need to have completed initial training and if you are a parent you be linked to a member school or service and  with shared key interests with the group.  You are welcome to attend one taster session before we ask you to pay the full fees.

Can I go to one away from where I live?

Of course! Just follow the location below and book as you would for one closest to you. When your Local leader gets in touch, it’s worth mentioning this to them, in case there are local logistical factors to be aware of.

How do I book? 

Simply click on your preferred location below and book using your credit or debit card or read a bit more about each Local for.. and then book!

What happens in an I Matter Relationship Health Practice Local... Event?  

Our I Matter Relationship Health Practice Network Local events are facilitated by an approved local Lead Professional.  They run on a similar structure though with a locally determined programme that meets the needs of the specific Local

9.45-10am: Arrival and informal networking

10-10.15am: Introductions and overview of I Matter Local

10.15-11.30am: Discussion (this will have a theme for each event determined by your local leader)

11.30-11.55am: Challenges, cheers and chances (discuss challenges, celebrate wins, share opportunities)

11.55am-12pm: How to join I Matter Local

12pm: Close

Local Events

We hope to see this list start to grow!  DATES TBC