The Relationship Health Matters Practice Network

Relationship health is a VERY big idea that needs a collaborative approach.
The I Matter Framework is one way of teaching Relationship Health (a rather good way!).  However we know there are many other practitioners and parents doing really important work that might readily be understood using this term.
So the Relationship Health Matters Network is a sister site designed to invite some coming together..

Help Yourself and Help Others to make a difference

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The Relationship Health Matters Practice Network is newly constituted network aiming to bring together professionals who are interested in coming together to explore the concept of relationship health as an approach to supporting children and other adults with challenges.   

We see Relationship Health as an umbrella concept that has been missing that can bring together a wide number of practitioners who work with a relationship based focus.

As such the I Matter Learning Journey is one way of learning about Relationship Health

The network currently offers a newsletter and amonthly programme of discussion and interviews with experts on the themes in the book Relationship Health: The Missing Link in Children's Wellbeing.  

Coming Discussion - 1st Week of the Month
Open to all in Kendal and beyond
Professional Issues Focus:   Thurs 5.30-6.30pm 
Non-professional Issues Focus  Weds - 5-6pm 

Welcomes and virtual coffee
Short Presentation and a question to consider
Small Group Discussion
Shared ideas

February:  Plan the programme:  When it comes to Relationship Health Practice
as a wider issue, what do you want to learn more about? 
March: Session 1
April: Session 2
May: Session 3
June: Review and plan the Next programme

Please note all discussions are recorded for later listening but you can participate with chat 


(Membership currently free)

Mission of Relationship Health Matters Network: 

To provide networking, support, education and resources for professionals and non-professionals who are interested in relationship health as an umbrella concept to support child and adult mental health in home and school and community settings

The Relationship Health Matters Network provides

+ Virtual and Local Discussion and Interviews 
+ Awareness raising and promotion of relationship health practice in health and education