I Matter Framework Training - Recovery Focus

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The I Matter Learning Journey can be pursued by those who wanting to recover relationship health.

If you know that there is a relationship health recovery need, then this is probably a difficult time.  

The I Matter Five Steps Learning Journey can be a valuable complement to a Recovery of Relationship Health Learning Journey.   What we must be clear about is that most professionals or parents who know that relationships need a recovery focus, will also need to seek out additional support.

So the Five Steps Programme is not intended as a stand alone solution for very complex or escalated situations.   However if you understand what is involved in independent learning then the course may help you start to see what is happening through a different lens and help you understand next key steps.

We are working on building our capacity to provide I Matter clinic services which are intended to provide additional support for those where recovery of relationship health is the primary concern.  However at present this is still a very limited provision

The recovery pathway is particularly important for those working in direct roles with children.

i) The professional role with children and families in health, education, social care

ii) The personal role with birth children or with fostering, adoption or special guardianship

iii) The persona role in adult-adult relationships

Those who are working on restoring relationship health will find that the course equips them with key language and concepts to make sense of challenging situations so that effective intervention can be pursued to reduce escalation of difficulties.

Experienced Practitioners can become certified to offer complementary study support for an I Matter Journey focused on restoring relationship health.