Primary Care Relationship Health Community Hub

Relationship Health Practice aims to focus on prevention and early intervention.  With this intent we aim to build services as close as possible into the places that children and families are found.   



Developing a Primary Care Relationship Health Practice Hub

When families become concerned about children, one of the first places they often go for a conversation is to their GP.

Traditionally such a conversation might have led to a referral to CAMHS or Paediatric services for the child - and often to long waits. 
What has often got lost in this process is the opportunity to empower parents with more confidence for the role they can play. 

In the Kendal Primary Care Network we have been exploring making it possible for a family to access an early discussion with an Relationship Health Practitioner.   This process involves a consultation, an initial assessment and some initial training.  Initial feedback from parents-carers and local professionals has been very positive.  


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This is a project under development.   If you think the approach could be of interest please contact us

The Primary Care Relationship Health Pathway offers

An Initial Consultation

The Relationship Health Practice service in Kendal Primary Care Network is an innovative service built on the foundations of the social prescribing model.  This is supplemented with experienced practitioners.

Initial Assessment and Recommendations

Families seeking help due to a concern about their child are offered the opportunity to learn more about the role that they can play.  Assessment supports early consultations.

Initial Training for Parents

The initial assessment and consultation is complemented by a brief period of I Matter Fundamentals training. The intention is to guide families to more confidence in immediate actions to make a difference.

If this sounds of interest - please contact us

Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities