Prevention and Early Intervention Options

Consolidate your understanding and move forward to happier healthier relationships 

How Do We Support Prevention and Early Intervention?

Our Prevention and Early Intervention Programme is Made Available Through Member Schools and Services who host Lead Professionals who support the Awareness Stage Courses.

Partnership with Schools and GP's- Starting Key Conversations 

Lead Professionals work in schools and community and are trained to build relationships and support families building up readiness to learn

First Steps Courses and The Community Wheel Network 

By making the first learning highly accessible and local we help you build a network that values and invests in parent-carer skills

Specialist Assessment and Recommendations

Our carefully selected assessment processes help you identify needs early and build a responsive timely guidance approach CLICK HERE  

Joined up Home-School Coaching Support Packages

 We can build an informed network around children ensuring a planned approach that joins up skills at home and school 

Special Interests Community Forums

Gain the benefits of support from people who get it.

Resource Packs

Resources that keep you focussed on the priorities