Dr Cathy Betoin: Pre and Post Birth Parenting Support 

Investment in high quality preparation and support in the early days of your placement is key to longer term success


Pre and Post Parenting Support Helps Adults, Young Adults and Siblings

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Following many years of practice with children and families I have come to view it to be an absolute priority that we increase the availability of high quality preparation and post natal and early years, and indeed life span support for parents and carers. 

So though I Matter started out with the support of families of complex children we are developing a pathway for preparation for parenting.   
This includes the Community Wheel because it is quite clear that there are a very large number of skills that go into being a parent-carer.  Some of these skills we currently take completely for granted.  Most of them massively benefit from conscious attention.

Having a baby is a big life event.  So it is not wise to pretend otherwise.
Well informed preparation and support is really really key as time spent early on becoming more conscious of your own role and more skilled in supporting your child will save you a lot of heart ache later on.   There's dual benefit and more:  Your learning will help you, and help your child.
However up until now we have not yet realised how important this preparation is.  

Just look at the amount that parents generally spend on prams and decorating the room, and at how much they spend on their own training and skills development.... its a little shocking really.... but it can change... Hooray and Phew!

In Pre and post birth parenting support our aim is to engage with both adults and young people affected by the challenges of new roles helping everyone learn how to build their confidence and full potential in the context of happier and healthier relationships.

Following an initial introduction, we offer a package of I Matter Training and services that draw upon years of training as a clinical psychologist and teacher.  The training and the Awards are designed to equip you with the fundamentals.  After that we actively encourage you to seek out more learning opportunities.  Being a parent or carer offers a lifelong learning opportunity! 

Remember one thing though: Our primary focus is always on the development and strengthening of relationship health as when healthier relationships are in place, most other issues can progress and resolve with positive outcomes.   Remember its never too late to get things onto a healthier track.

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