Payments to I Matter Training


One of the key missions of the I Matter Project is to make it easier to offer timely education and support to professionals and parents who are looking for high quality education and support to help them help children and young people who are struggling or challenging.


We love the opportunities offered by supported online learning.

The course structure has been designed to make it easy for schools and small services to develop a local strategy.

One of the key details that makes a huge difference to the ease with which we can offer you a flexible and responsive service is the way that payments are managed.

We have explored many different options in the quest to develop a flexible and affordable system.

We have concluded that there is a need over a longer period to be able to manage

+ Small subscriptions
+ Course fees for small amounts
+ Larger fees for specific projects

All of this can be managed most easily if your school or service sets up a payments system with us based on

i) STRIPE - this requires that you enter a commercial card from your organisation and is useful for recurring payments  AND/OR

ii) PAYPAL - using an organisation paypal account to support a specific development project with us.

The following link explains how this can be done.

Some of our schools have also made agreements with their own PTA's who assist in managing contributions for training for parents.  These may be eligible for a not-for-profit paypal account - please see details

Once set up this system allows you to create local agreements on an individualised needs basis so that a variety of funding options become possible.  For example: 

+ staff can be funded by the organisation - or can fund themselves - or contribute in part.
+ Parents can be funded by the organisation - or can fund themselves - or can contribute in part

Once your paypal accounts are set up you will then agree who has permissions to make payments from your organisation on the I Matter Training site and their name can be entered on the payment booking information when you decide to opt for any specific training.


If you have questions, please contact us