Parents-Carers in the Kendal area



If you are a parent-carer in the Kendal area with a Kendal GP then you are currently eligible to apply for a small grant towards the costs of an I Matter Consultation or Training

+ An initial registration, consultation and recommendations process initially for parents only -cost £150

+ Some families will progress  to the First Steps Family Relationships Improvement Challenge - a 3 week supported online learning course - cost £100 - others will be advised that a more in-depth 'Getting to Know You' process may be recommended that can involve the child or young person as appropriate.

Parents who have a concern about their child may apply for an initial small grant  value of £50 towards the above - however in cases of real need where there is active motivation to learn then a larger sum can sometimes be made available to support the learning.   This is an opportunity made available to Kendal parents via the support of the Primary Care Network

To access next steps support please do three things 

i) contact us to request an initial consultation informing us of the name of your GP and Child's School

ii) Register for the free introduction for Linked Parents-Carers in Kendal

ii) Decide if you would like to progress your I Matter Journey with a First Steps Course (you can register insde the course).

iv) if you would like to apply for a bursary, please email us on

There will be some initial online questionnaires to be completed but the process of approval is intended to be quick