Courses Overview

We run a rolling programme of training fpr professionals and parents.



Our courses for professionals and for parents and carers cover the same or very similar content.   However the pace is generally a little different.

In an I Matter Parent-Carer Journey we usually suggest the First Steps process (introduced recently between Awareness and Foundation) which helps parents to start to think about the type of support they are likely to need to get best value from their learning and about the options that are available.  Professionals generally start directly with the Foundation stage after an introductory session.

We are currently focussed on building a team of professionals in member schools and services who can support an I Matter learning journey but at present this availability is quite limited.   Consequently we are also currently trialling some self-help learning options in the Kendal area and will keep you posted!


The Structure of I Matter Training


I Matter Framework Training is carefully structured to create a journey for parents and supporting professionals through essential ‘must know’ concepts.  Some professionals and parents may not need more than the earliest stages of the training journey.   The longer journey is particularly designed for those who have children with additional challenges or for professionals who are wanting to take forward a development in their own setting.

+ One Day Events 
​+ Community Wheel - open events

First Steps Stage
​+ First Steps Course with I Matter Self-assessment and Five Steps course 
+ Essentials Course (optional at this stage)

Consultations Stage
+ Detailed I Matter questionnaire and Five Steps course 
+ Consultation and recommendations
+ Option for more indepth assessment and recommendations as appropriate

Foundation Stage
Foundation A course (Part1 & Part2) - Getting Started and From Confusion to Clarity - Theory  
+ Foundation B course – Taking Stock and Watching Affectionately - Theory to Practice coaching

​+ Membership
+ Link Professional or Link Parent training
+ Community Wheel - closed events

Intermediate Stage
+ I Matter Q review 
Intermediate A course (Part1 and Part2) - Taking Stock Plus and Thinking Developmentally – Theory
+ Intermediate B course -  Checking In and Nurturing Growth - Theory to Practice coaching

Advanced Stage
+ Lead Professional and Parent Mentor Training

+ Embedding I Matter thinking in organisations

+ Advanced Practice: Complex Care Co-ordination