I Matter Framework Training - Our Legal Structures

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I Matter Training is a social enterprise and limited company. We adopted this structure under clear advice and with clear reasons in order to be able to retain control over key essential elements of the I Matter teaching that is offered. We need to pay salaries but our mission is service driven not profit driven.   Our accounts are available via companies house.   Any outstanding amounts owing reflect money invested in the company by Cathy Betoin.

The I Matter Child and Family Bursary Scheme is an unincorporated association with 3 Trustees.  It was set up specifically to help us with us delivering our mission into schools,  We work with organisations and individuals who are often under considerable pressure so find that the the offer of supportive bursary funds to offset the costs of training is very significant and also offers the community a means to contribute to valued shared objectives.

At the time of setting up of the bursary scheme we sought informed advice about the appropriate structure and explored varied charitable structures.  We were specifically advised that given the relatively small sums that were involved at this stage, a full incorporated charitable structure was unnecessarily heavy.   We have been advised that an unincorporated association with its own constitution and named Trustees was the appropriate structure for this stage of our development. 

The  suitability of these structures for our evolving development is kept under close review.

Please let us know if you have questions.