Options for Young People  

The insights of the I Matter Framework can support everyday living and young people with additional challenges

Life as a young person can sometimes be so confusing!   How do you know where to start when things start getting difficult?    Generally however when it boils down to it, the most important thing for young people's well-being is self-confidence and positive relationships - but relationships can be very challenging.  So I Matter Training offers young people a carefully designed preparation for understanding what builds confidence and what makes relationships work well and why - at home, at school and in community.  We currently offer I Matter Training to young people - over 10 years of age - whose parents have taken part in Foundation Training

Options For Young People  

I Matter Consultations

I Matter for young people and adults provides a structure to talk about  relationships and confidence building

Everyday Awareness

To learn some core principles or find out what its all an Everyday Awareness course is a place to start.

Raised Concerns

 Young people who are struggling can discover the I Matter Framework and do some important thinking 

Longer Term Needs

Young People with longer term needs often need active support to develop specific skills over time


Young People can extend their I Matter Journey by opting in for community support in their setting

Our courses for Young People and adults are currently in development and are run in partnership with member schools and services. PLEASE CONTACT US