I Matter Taught Intensives

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Intensive workshops are for professionals and for Linked Parents-Carers with a recommendation.
They offer a way to get started on an I Matter Online Journey through gaining the big picture fast.

Please note an intensive is always an extra to commitment to a longer period of study and reflection.

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Over the course of just two days, you can learn a way of thinking that can strengthen your confidence in adult-adult and adult-child relationships, understand with much greater clarity why you and your role are so important to your child and wider family and work roles and hand you the keys that will empower you to make a difference and assist even in these very challenging times.  Wouldn’t that be worth ANY sacrifice?

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With solid foundations under your belt, in the level 2 course we look at the issue of putting I Matter theory into practice.  Starting with you and your own wellbeing and everyday skills building, we will explore how to build a strong team, and how to manage everyday routine and situations so that you can create the conditions to ensure that you are building skills for relationship health in the children and others you are caring for regardless of the age and needs.

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The Level 3 extended journey takes places over a full 12 months.  THe intention is to keep you focussed and checked in so that you can put your learning into practice in the middle of the real challenges that you will inevitably be coming up against.   The Extended journey includes online study and discussion and support from the community.   You will deepen your understanding of development and explore everyday applications and applications to complex needs
At the end you can apply to become an I Matter Mentor.

The I Matter Online Learning aims to support you in gaining solid foundations for more confidence in relationships, especially the most challenging, by introducing you to the key ideas of the I Matter Framework and a relationship health approach - both the theory and the theory to practice.

Then you will have the challenge of implementing the ideas in your own situation!    This is all about investing in yourself so that you can make a difference to those that matter!


Is it time to deepen your insights into the why & the what for relationship health?

Level 1 and Level 2 Live Intensives Workshops with Online Study

(currently no in-person workshops)

We work with your organisation to deliver a half day, two day or four day workshop programme as an intensive starter to a period of online study  When we come to you, you provide the venue, delegates, refreshments, presentation equipment.   When online, we provide the links.

Please note a two day stand alone intensive is a way to be introduced to the Level 1, however a great deal of information is covered very fast.  The package includes commitment to completing the Level 1 online with additional opportunities for discussion with a certified facilitator. 

Each workshop has a fixed cost which includes 40 online Level 1 accounts and all trainer expenses. Delegate numbers can be increased with discussion

  • Two day online Learn I Matter Level 1 workshop for 40 participants   £9920 (£248pp) 
  • Half day online Getting Started workshop for 40 participants £2600 (£65pp)

Additional manuals for workshops can be ordered 

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