I Matter Mountain Ascent - Organisation Success Path

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I Matter Mountain Ascent Membership for Organisation Lead Teams

This is a Membership Community on a mission, open only to Organisation Lead Teams who are working for the I Matter Organisational Awards and who have completed the First Steps Award with a core team who now have a plan

The Organisational Membership will offer ongoing support from Dr. Cathy Betoin to support you in building on your learning and achieving the organisational development process through supporting your team in developing the skills for healthy happy relationships with your focus children and others that you want - not just now during the current COVID challenges but for the longer-term.

Our current goal is to support schools and services in making healthy steps forward during this challenging time, so the cost of the I Matter Mountain Ascent Organisational Membership has been temporarily launched at a discounted fee


How are you going to help your team and organisation build on what you have learned so far?

Since you've joined the I Matter Awards Scheme and completed the I Matter First Steps stage you now have a small inhouse team who know all about stress and wellbeing but you also know that the professional role and supporting young people and parents can sometimes be really hard - especially if you are supporting a struggling or challenging community or one with some has some additional needs.

Now, with COVID the roles of caring for children and young people and families are suddenly even harder


So maybe you support children who are worried and anxious? Maybe some are very challenging and others very resistant and disengaged? Maybe you have families who are struggling with various new pressures and losses - maybe some are very demanding and others you have stopped hearing from completely? Or maybe you and your staff team are struggling with some or all of the above!

This past few months has been an intense experience for adults and children with lots of practice in managing the big feelings connected with not-wants.   You will remember all about the  I Matter red route interpersonal loop:   Children and young people can be so sensitive to the moods of adults , picking up on tone and subtle details, and they get anxious themselves.   However adults too pick up the tone around them.  They might not say they are feeling anxious.  Instead what you will likely be seeing is behaviour that is challenging or irritable. Sometimes this is described as "acting out" the feelings they can't easily express in words.  This can be tough for anyone in a leadership role - as a leader you might know more green would be helpful but since we're already tense, it can be challenging to stay focused and respond with patience.

But it IS possible for your leadership team to go forward as the role models you want for your community It's even possible for your organisation to come out for this period with stronger more healthy relationships and a clear strategy for investing in the skills that matter for staff, parents and young people.  Imagine that you could come out of all this with your team feeling consistently happier and with children and families  who were thriving and progressing in their development!   

As with all other I Matter process it all starts with You - but do you remember the Five Steps To Success?   If you want to climb a mountain you need to take care of you and build yourself a team that will offer you the support you need.  

This goes for organisational development as well as for individual development


So one concrete way to give yourself support is  for your organisation to invest in the I Matter Mountain Ascent Organisational Membership Subscription 


The I Matter Mountain Ascent Membership for Organisations

The I Matter Organisational Mountain Ascent Membership is a community on a mission -- it offers a year-long program that supports your team as you continue to progress your learning in building your confidence and creating the organisational and community life you want and supporting children and families in developing essential relationship skills, with me, Dr. Cathy Betoin, as your guide.

The biggest challenge for climbing the I Matter Organisational Mountain involves becoming swamped and overwhelmed.  So let's do this together.   Let's build a community that really makes a difference . Let's work together to implement the principles set out in the I Matter Framework and supported by decades of research evidence - and let's support each other in going for green in our settings and getting back on track when things go to pot.,

Imagine what the future could look like for our planet if all professionals and parents were supported in helping children develop the skills for healthy relationships and emotional intelligence.   Imagine how different our communities could be if parents knew that they were working in partnership with schools to help every child and family feel a sense of belonging and of being important.   

So Let's invest in organisational change and in helping children and ourselves learn the skills of managing not-wants and difficult situations and lets help them discover individuality how to love learning and able to explore their own gifits.   Lets ensure that all children reach adult hood with the skills that help them be confident parents for their own children and caring partners and carers of those who are more vulnerable.   Let's work together to create families and communities that are quite different.

Think back to when you first started out on the I Matter Organisational Journey

Maybe you finished the first steps quickly. (Yay!)

Maybe you're decided to progress quite steadily (Good for you!)

Or maybe you got stuck. (Don't worry, That just means you need more support.)

No matter how far you got in the first steps of your I Matter Journey, I hope that the ideas you have learned so far have already improved your organisations and team insight and understanding of your own role in relationship with your focus child or children - and with other adults - even just a little bit. I hope that you are finding that you and your team are more able to stay more calm, more often. And that I Matter thinking has helped you enjoy your relationships even with the more challenging children and families - maybe more than you thought possible.

But you might also identify with some of these comments from other parents:

  •  "I wish we could get more support to understand how to progress as an I Matter organisation. It all makes so much sense but we find we keep getting overwhelmed and backsliding."
  •  "A few of us are calmer, but we still have a lot of  children who are still very challenging."
  • "We try to offer structure and nurture but staff find it tricky and often seem to say the wrong thing
  • "I’m better at staying calm, but I must admit I still do red much more often than I would like - and I can see others do too"
  • "We know we should do more self care but somehow it always slips.  We need some reminders."
  • "We still have so many questions - We really want to learn more!"

Frustrating, I know.
But not surprising, right?

Being a professional who supports children and families is hard work, and though I Matter looks easy it can be challenging to implement in practice - particularly at an organisational level 

What you have probably already discovered is that when ONE person changes - When YOU change, then your child and others can changes.  But it sometimes doesn't happen as fast as you might wish particularly when there have been years of past challenges.  So your role is so key but there is a lot to think about.

Its also important to have support from people who understand why those special GEMS are so important and who will understand exactly why your own self care is key to all the rest and not something selfish.  It really matters having support from others who know what this is all about

So no matter when your organisation took your first I Matter Courses or how far you got in it, if you as a team sometimes wish you had more support, you're not alone. You have such an important role - and getting support with this role and with being the parent you want to be has often been really tough. 

That's why I am launching the I Matter Organisational Mountain Ascent Membership - It's a Membership Community open only to senior leads who are working on implementing the I Matter Awards, so that the school can take what they've learned and make it come alive every day with families and then progress with their I Matter Journey and Awards at a pace that works for you

Step by steps you',ll be able to work with others to figure out what is happening now and where you want to get to and what the next steps are going to be on your own organisational path up the I Matter Mountain.  As you take each step, you'll  be building the skills you need to help children and families and your wider community.   You'll have the map that you know your organisation needed and you will be able to go forward at the pace that works for you, knowing that there is support when you need it from others who get it.  


What You Get:

  • Monthly Group Calls with an organisational development focus with Dr. Cathy Betoin on Zoom. This is an hour-long livestream exclusively for the I Matter Organisational Mountain Ascent Members community, during which Cathy will answer live questions from professional leads
  •  Monthly "Spotlight" on a theme from the I Matter Journey that will help you deepen your understanding and help you to build your skills. 
  • Opportunities to share your Nuggets and Gems and celebrations - here is a community that will know why the key details are often SO HUGE
  • Fun Challenges that help you practice key steps and offer accountability.
  • Recordings that focus on specific issues raised by the community
  • Private Forum or Facebook group for Course graduates participating in the I Matter Organisational Moutain Ascent Membership, designed to keep your team accountable and support you through any tough spots.
  • Access to stream any audio in Dr Cathy Betoin's Audio Library, 
  • Support for your I Matter Organisational  journey. You’ll be able to benefit from the  the tens of thousand of hours that I've spent reading, coaching, experimenting, talking, writing and listening to parents just like you.

The support of the membership community helps you develop the skills you need to help your child and create the family life you want. Investing in support for yourself is an investment in the wellbeing of everyone



What Professional Leads Have Said:

  • I have loved the online courses but I know I want more practice and support with implementation
  • I hadn't realised how isolated I had become in my role - now I know I need support with my role
  • It's hard finding people who really get how hard it can sometimes be
  • I love feeling more confident - I don't want this to go away
  • I love hearing about others success stories
  • I feel so grateful for all that I have learned, but i know there is more to learn 
  • I want to feel part of a community that is working together


This is why we are launching this now!   So that parents and carers like you can access more of the support that they need


What does all this support cost?    We feel the normal price should be£157 for a year.    If you look at other parenting communities with all the benefits of this one and you add in regular calls with Dr Cathy Betoin, you know that this is a  bargain.

But with all the economic hardship from this pandemic, even a bargain can be out of reach. So to support as many parents as possible,  we have reduced the fee by almost half. Please choose one of the following plans.


Costs of I Matter Mountain Ascent Membership for Organisational Leads



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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the I Matter Mountain Ascent Membership for Organisation Leads opens for a short time three times a year, to allow entry to a new cohort of graduates from the I Matter First Steps or Foundation Intensive to join At that time, any past graduate can also join. Registration will close this time on July 31st 2020

The I Matter Courses offer you the theory and, help you re-think your approach to raising happy healthy children. The Mountain Ascent Memberhip for organisations is a Membership Community that gives you ongoing support to stay on track with I Matter Learning Journey for your organisation and learn the key skills

Yes! The Mountain Ascent Membership for Organisations Leads will give you a shortcut to develop the insight and skills, as well as the momentum to go back to the Foundation Award pracess to finish it. In fact, the Mountain Ascent Membership is a terrific way to give yourself support and accountability to finish the Courses.

At the moment the audio library is quite small but it is growing all the time

The Mountain Ascent Membership for organisations is intended to provide additional support as you complete the I Matter Journey courses as an organisation.   The intention is to give you plenty of opportunity to build your insight and understading

And now, with  the new challenges of COVID, the Mountain Ascent Membership is focused on supporting you to cope in ways that strengthen your organisational process and practices longterm.  


The regular annual cost of this Mountain Ascient Membership is £497pp . But so that we can support as many of our Course Graduates as possible during COVID, we have reduced the prices to make it affordable to all families.

Annual Rate - £497

Monthly Installment Plan- £49,9

Scholarship- £25  - Choose this option if you are in a very small school under 300 pupils

We are working to keep these low prices available during this COVID period but they will likely  need to go up again.  If you sign up now the price will not change


Yes! This is an Annual Membership, but you can pay in Monthly Installments. Or you can get a discount by paying the annual rate when you first sign up. Either way, you get your first 30 days as a free trial.

No worries! You get a 30-day free trial to try out the Mountain Ascent Membership and see how you like it. In our surveys, we hear from most parents in the Mountain Ascent that they love it and find it an amazing value for the money. But if you don't see the value for yourself, just let us know any time during your 30 day free trial and we'll cancel your membership. You'll never pay a penny,

Dr Cathy Betoin's No-Risk First 30 Days Free Trial! 

You don't pay a penny until you've had a chance to see what's involved! I'm sure you'll love this Membership, because it supports you in hearing the language of I Matter so that you can build your confidence in your I Matter role . But if you don't see the value, just cancel your membership at any time in your first 30 days, and your card will not be charged at all.

Please Note: If you are someone who sells a parenting program or course, you will not be eligible for the free trial or the refund.


After each online First Steps and Foundation Course finishes, the graduates of First Steps Course or Foundation Intensive, plus all past graduates, will have a limited time when they can sign up for the I Matter Mountain Ascent Membership  So the plan is for the Membership Community to open three times a year for a short time.  Now the price has been lowered to make it affordable to families during the COVID Times, so it is likely to increase substantially in the future. so if you know you want to take part, this could be a good moment.

Sorry, no. the audios are there waiting for you listen to.  We are currently working on transcripts.


The timing of zoom sessions rotate each month between Friday, Sunday and Monday, which are the days voted as best by the members Mountain Ascent Memberhsip. Timing rotates between 4pm or 7pm GMT  Zoom sessions are always recorded so that you can watch later. You can show up any time during the hour.

This is a group call so there is no guarantee that you will get to ask a question.  But you will be able to learn from Cathy's responses to questions from other parents.  We generally find there is alot of knowledge in groups and members also learn from each other.

Dr Cathy Betoin will talk briefly about the "Spotlight" topic of the month, but all questions are welcome. The Forum Group Admin will moderate the questions and may also ask questions that have been popular on the Facebook Group over the previous month. 

Yes, we have a format for pre-submitting questions for the zoom calls.   We cannot guarantee that every question is answered but we will aim to address common concerns and thems

We ask each participant to use their own email but we offer reductions for family members

It's ongoing!  Please give us up to 24 hours after you register to set up your access. Then, when you log in to your account at www.imattertraining.com just as if you were logging into your Course), you'll see a link to the Mountain Ascent Membership Page.


Scroll down the page and explore!

  • NOTE on your calendar the dates and times of the next zoom calls. (All calls are recorded, and we experiment with different times and days of the week to allow as many people as possible a chance to attend live.)
  • REQUEST to join our Forum and Facebook group.
  • STREAM  a Q&A Call from the library
  • WATCH recent spotlight calls  to get some inspiration about issues that affect your own family.
  • LISTEN and READ. recent blogs and forum

You'll receive a weekly email from Cathy every Friday, so be sure to whitelist her in your email. In addition to letting you know about her calls, she'll be sending you other tips and ideas


If you have any questions about the Membership, or encounter any difficulties registering, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you!