Organisation Membership Options

Is your organisation interested in partnering with us to develop Relationship Health Practice?


We work with a range of organisations as partners including health providers, schools, community based organisations and employers. Some organisations are involved with a focus on the skills development of their own employees, some are working with communities.   
We focus on working with locality hubs with our first hub being in the Kendal area.


We work with organisations via locality based hubs and through the structures of the I Matter Community Wheel with varied levels of involvement.  The Wheel involves local employers and professionals coming together with a desire to work together to progress Relationship Health practice and ready to invest in the development of the skills of their own teams and communities.  We use the term maxi hub to describe a health locality eg a primary care network serving a community with several schools, and a mini hub to describe a school based hub. 

We offer training and participation options for organisations based on staff and pupil-client-parent numbers