Join the Community Wheel Live Events

Community Wheel Live events happen 1-3 x a year.   They are an opportunity for professionals and parents-carers who want to work together to help young people to come together to share ideas about how to develop the skills and confidence for relationship health in their own communities

Online is great but if you need an energy boost then face to face live events will pick you up  

At live events there are a range of workshops and speakers I Matter Community Wheel and the I Matter Learning Journey bring you the networks, training and fun activities you need to succeed.



We have a number of membership options designed to respond to different needs. 

We remain very committed to the belief that relationship health is fundamentally something that progresses through conversations and real relationships - with a strong local focus


Dr Cathy Betoin has over 30 years working with parents and professionals of young people of all ages through public and private consultations 

The Friends of Relationship Health - supports our core mission with intent to encourage discussion of the issues raised in the book:  Relationship Health: The Missing Link in Children's Wellbeing

The I Matter First Course with Nuggets and GEMS offers our taster programme supported by the I Matter Community Wheel Local or Online Options

The I Matter Learning Journey offers the more indepth study programme

Level 1:  Learn I Matter - The I Matter Framework
Level 2-3:  Living I Matter - Theory to Practice
Level 4-6:  Supporting Others