I Matter Licensed Link Role

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in your setting.


Would you like to play a part in supporting Adult-Child relationship health in your own community?

As a licensed Link Professional you will be able to offer a referral route and informal support for an I Matter First Steps, Foundation course journey or extended Journey for Parents-Carers in your own setting.

The licensed Link role requires completion of the I Matter Intensive Course as a minimum and a short Link Training.  This equips with as a Link 1 to offer a route for Parents-Carers informal support to the Parents-Carers.

As a Link 1 you will start with supporting parents and carers in less complex situations.  If you want to progress to supporting more complex situations you can work towards your Link 2 certification by completing Intermediate and extended Training.

To be a Link Professional requires an Active Practice Membership of the Relationship Health Matters Network and attendance at a minimum of 6 Link Professional webinar events per year .