I Matter Licensed Lead Role

Helping Parents and Professionals on an I Matter Journey in Your Setting


If you are a professional and are excited about what you have learned through an I Matter Approach maybe you would be interested in Lead Professional Training?

Lead Professional training is by application and requires completion of Stage 2 Certification steps.   As a Licensed Lead Professional you will be able to work with us to host small group online study support and/or you will be able to develop a programme of study support in partnership with us for parents and professionals in your setting

Lead 1 Professional Training  equips you to work with less complex situations and Lead 2 equips you to work with more complex situations and Lead 3 (Lead Plus) equips you to support other professionals in your own organisations and the use of assessments to guide priorities.  

Becoming a Licensed Lead Professional is by application and requires membership of the I Matter Network.   Whilst you are in a Trainee role the families you work with play a standard course price that is reduced by a small percentage.  Once you have become approved then then you there can be further discounts for your organisation or there are opportunties to be paid for your study support services via I Matter Direct    

More information available soon.