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One important detail that we know about caring for children or other adults is that the parent-carer or professional carer role is really key but needs active support and support for skills development.  Relationship health can go off track when isolation or confusion leads to overwhelm. The I Matter Network is for anyone who want to build their own insight and skills in relationships and find others who know that their own role is important but often challenging.   Joining the Network is a way of committing to an idea about you and your own importance - and a way of connecting with others who are exploring the same questions and challenges

Help Yourself and Help Others to make a difference

tinypeople-trans (1) The I Matter Local Networks aims to build insight and skills and reduce isolation through support for relationship health thinking for parents-carers and young people linked to I Matter member schools and services. They aim to offer peer-peer led informal discussion and social opportunities. We are currently only in the Kendal area.

If you are a parent-carer linked to an I Matter member school in the Kendal area then you can join the I Matter Network. 
If your school is not involved, you can talk to them

We don't currently offer I Matter Network membership beyond member schools in Kendal but we are thinking about it!   
Stay posted.

The I Matter Local Network in Kendal
Coming Discussion - 3rd Week of the Month
Open to parents-carers and professionals in Kendal area 
Professional Focus:  Thurs 5.30-6.30pm  
Non-professional Focus:  Weds - 5-6pm

Welcomes and virtual coffee
Short Presentation and a question to consider
Small Group Discussion
Shared ideas

February:  Plan the I Matter Local Network in Kendal programme:  When it comes to building stronger healthier relationships at home, what do you want to learn more about? 
March: Session 1
April: Session 2
May: Session 3
June: Review and plan the Next programme

Please note all discussions are recorded and will be available in the site, but you can participate with chat 

The I Matter Local Network is newly constituted and offers a programme of networking and discussion 

We also offer a half termly face to face and online social for those who are interested in saying hello
Click Here for Dates 

Mission of the I Matter Local Network: 
To provide peer-peer networking and positive informal activities for parents-carers and young people together with a focus on strengthening relationship health at home and between home and school

To promote better child and adult mental health outcomes through improving the availability and quality of education, support and skills development opportunities for relationship health issues

The I Matter Local Network provides

+ Virtual and Local Discussion and Interviews 
+ Virtual and Local social opportunities
+ Virtual and local common interest groups
+ Helpline (aspirational)
+ Campaigning on questions of relationship health practice in health and education

 I Matter Network Membership Options




per month

Monthly programme
of discussion and interviews 

Virtual and Local network events

Help us Find the Way Forward

Member Discounts

Option for Professional interest membership (extra £1)




per year

Monthly programme
of discussion and interviews 

Virtual and Local social events

Help us Find the Way Forward

Member Discounts

Option for Professional interest membership (extra £10)

If you have already taken part in I Matter Training you may be interested in our I Matter Memberships which for a small extra also include a monthly I Matter Q&A  CLICK HERE or for those on Step 5 a nonthly theme from the Wheel
If your School or Services or Agency would like to become part of this membership so as to develop your thinking about child and mental health practices, please check out options for schools and services, or for organisations.