Empower Your Staff and Families and Young People to Understand their Own Key Role in Relationship Health Practice at Home, Work and in Community Roles

Use the structure of the wheel to take forward a programme of insight and skills building for adults and young people


Membership of the Relationship Health Community Wheel is for

+ Personal Interest - adults and young people
+ Adult-Adult relationships
+ Parent-Carer interest
+ Professional interest

individual or organisation members

Organisation membership options

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The community wheel membership is designed to start conversations about things that matter and support a local skills building process

   The skills of your staff team and parent-carer community are your biggest asset...in helping young people

Training and support ensures they are equipped for their own roles and for everyday situations

Relationships are all about conversations and interactions and problem solving through challenges. Healthy adult-adult relationships is what supports healthy adult-child relationships - whether in health, education or community setting.   Now imagine that you had a way to help every adult in your setting get a little bit clearer and a little bit more confident every day. Imagine the impact it would have on you and the children and other adults you support. That’s what access to the community wheel courses gives to our members in homes, clinics, and schools and colleges across the country.

Whats Included

Growing Library of Resources

Get Started Anytime

Monthly First Workshop

Designed to support conversations

New content added regularly

Work for the Wheel Awards

  • I Matter Training

    “I love the structure of the I Matter Wheel. I think very differently now about my role”


  • I Matter Training

    “The first live workshops got me thinking differently about the work I do”


  • I Matter Training

    “I love the structure that this provides for taking forward conversations between home and school. ”

    Reception Lead


Relationship Health is an overlooked idea that helps professionals and parents-carers work together to help young people in their own communities