Invest in Skills for More Relationship Health at Home and at Work
Join The I Matter Learning Journey 

To help you prepare yourself, to prevent problems, to strengthen or restore health to relationships

Our mission is to offer a place that helps you to get the education and guidance about relationship health that you always wanted. We equip you with foundations to support your wish for happier and healthier relationships with young people and adults, including your children, partner or wider family or friends, and in your work settings with young people and other adults. You probably always wanted this education but perhaps didn't know it existed.

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Most parents and carers, and professionals who work with children and adults are left trying to figure things out about relationship health for themselves.   That's a huge waste of effort and energy - the lack of good preparation and support also generates a lot of problems...

Now:  The good news is that we can help you move forward with strong foundations for understanding what is happening in difficult situations, and what key details you need in place for relationships to FEEL GOOD - whether with typical children or adults - or those with additional needs.

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It's time we took a new approach to addressing anxiety and difficult behaviour  - notably about what is happening in the relationships.

So, If you want to feel prepared for more relationship health or you are currently feeling anxious, overwhelmed, isolated in your role or situation

If you want to feel more confident about your decisions

If you want to feel calm and collected

And connected to a community that gets that relationships can be challenging... both those with others, and those with ourselves...

Then the I Matter Learning Journey and the I Matter Community was created for you.

We offer training in the I Matter Framework (which equips you with foundations for relationship health practice) along with tools, tips, support and resources that anyone committed to a relationship health approach to well-being really needs.

We don't believe it serves anyone to keep people waiting when they  actively want to learn more 

We know that waiting for appointments with experts that are hard pressed can be very difficult and is ultimately not an ideal way forward.

More particularly we believe that good preparation and well informed coaching makes a difference to a huge number of important issues and challenging situations. 

What are the I Matter Learning Journey Outcomes?  What is an I Matter Action Taker?

I Matter Fundamentals: (1 month)
I Matter Level 1: Learn I Matter Consolidation (3 months)
I Matter Level 2: LIving I Matter (4 months)
I Matter Level 3: Extended Journey (Children with Additional Needs - 12 months)

At the end of the I Matter Fundamentals you will:
1. Know why investing in building your own skills is a key way to help yourself and your children and others.
2. Understand the nature of the Five Steps to Success and circular curriculum in the I Matter Journey
3. Have a big picture overview of the I Matter Framework as a foundation for relationship health practice
4. Have started to make active steps to improve Relationship Health with an I Matter Approach

At the end of an I Matter Level 1: Learn I Matter Learning Journey you will:

1.  Know the importance of relationship health as a way of understanding challenging situations
2.  Know how to conduct a simple assessment of relationship health
3.  Be able to use the I Matter Framework and its concepts to make sense of challenging situations 
4.  Be able to identify positive actions you have personally taken to improve relationship health

At the end of an I Matter Level 2: Living I Matter Learning Journey you will:
1.  Be able to carry out a big picture and small details relationship health assessment 
2.  Be able to evidence use of own role and team building skills to make an impact in home or work roles
3.  Understand how to structure everyday routines to support the building of relationship skills
4.  Be able to use effective communication to support your relationship health leadership

At the end of an I Matter Level 3: Extended I Matter Learning Journey you will
1.  Have an understanding of how to conduct an indepth I Matter Developmental assessment 
2.  Be able to structure routine activities to support the building of specific relationship health skills
3.  Have evidence of effective working with children and adults with a range of developmental needs
4.  Be able to evidence how to use I Matter principles in formulation and planning of therapeutic care.
The Level 1-3 programme is advised for those supporting children and young people with additional needs.

I Matter Action Takers:

+ Don’t want to sit around lamenting the problems
+ Want to work with others to be part of the solution
+ Know that parenting and caring plays a vital overlooked role in healthy communities 
+ Know that relationship health is a lifespan need 
+ Want to help equip young people for relationship health through attuned empowering care
+ See the way everything is connected 
+ value the roles they play at home and at work – and are committed to walking the talk
+ Want to be part of learning to care for planet earth as well as for community and for their own families
+ Know their own actions are key and want to become more consciously competent
+ Want support to find and express their own gifts, talents and contributions
+ Want the support of a clear tried and tested set of principles, value base and a community

I Matter Action Takers are committed to...

Growing themselves so as to address challenges
Ready to work in partnership with others
Supporting of child and adult development
From all sectors

Are you ready to get started?

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Getting started with learning about Relationship Health and about the I Matter Framework is quite easy.    

Take a look at the introductory free training click here to see if the programme will be a fit for you right now.  If you are interested, you can register for the 4, 8 or 12 month online programme (with some fast action bonuses for those who act quickly).  Then there are options for additional services to support your learning.

Get Started with Learning the I Matter Framework
You will get access to: 

A Preparation Module
and a registration step

You will choose your focus
relationship and priorities.

The I Matter Relationship 
Health Learning Journey

Fundamentals and Level 1
Discover 24 + key ideas 

  Relationship Health Repair
Key tools for moving on
Learn a step by step process
to help you progress challenges


I Matter Online Community Membership.

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Connect with others who
are progressing an I Matter Learning Journey

We offer course forum based on the level of the course  - with options by age of child, and special applications, roles etc with optional extra small groups and 1:1 coaching

Submit your questions for review by our experienced team with themes of month
Get specific real feedback on your most challenging situations. All sessions are recorded and you can submit questions even if you can't attend live.

Explore a growing library
of short courses focussed on applications of core ideas.

These short courses become accessible once you have completed your Fundamentals training.   There will be opportunities to apply to progress your studies to L1-3


Enjoy the community including
a wide range of practitioners interested in relationship health
One of the key aims of our membership is to build a network that is taking forward new thinking about how we progress wellbeing for adults and young people

When you join the I Matter Relationship Health Learning Journey and Growth Challenge you’ll start with the I Matter Quick Start 30 day Fundamentals program. This includes carefully structured content. During the program you will learn:

  • about Relationship Health as an overlooked idea, and its importance to wellbeing and mental health in adults and children 
  • how to organise many ideas around stress and wellbeing that you already know something about into a coherent whole.  
  • how to start to observe what is happening in everyday interactions with a greater objectivity that will facilitate your ability to stay calm and effective. 
  • The pillars of the I Matter Framework and the Three Dynamic Loops including insight to help you start to work effectively with others.
  • how to use your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and communication style to impact outcomes for yourselves and others so as to develop new habits that work 
  • how to be start to apply the I Matter Framework to help you address a full range of everyday challenges with a view to finding a way forward to more relationship healthtinypeople-trans (1)

  The program integrates research evidence from

Stress and wellbeing research
Essential ideas
Attachment Relationships
Alarm and Brain Development
The Power of our Beliefs and Attitudes
Communication Matters


Most of the ideas are familiar - The problem is we often do not yet prepare and act effectively - the challenge is taking action - and in addressing the details !

A key goal of this programme is to give you a practical map that helps reduce confusion and increase your clarity so that you can take positive actions in your roles at home and work and thus benefit from your investment for years to come

Who is I Matter Training for and who is it not for?
The I Matter Fundamentals and Level 1-2 course is for anyone who recognises that they have a position of responsibility in relation to themselves and others, for which they want to feel well equipped and better skilled.  You will need to be ready to study and reflect - and ready to grow yourself. 

If you are very overwhelmed then the ideas are relevant but we advise that we provide educational services only.  If you are dealing with escalated high risk behaviour such as aggression, self-harm or substance misuse then you should look urgently for local or crisis support.    If you need crisis support a good place to start is: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/guides-to-support-and-services/crisis-services/helplines-listening-services/

Participation in this training is for education only and does not provide a provider-patient relationship

Empower Yourself to Make A Difference - To Help Yourself - Your Family and Your Community 
with an I Matter Informed Relationship Health to Improving Adult and Child Wellbeing

This programme starts with watching the webinar.   There are some fast action bonuses available for those who register within 10 days.
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Programme costs will vary depending on an agreed package and duration and agreed extras.


Read about the impact of I Matter Training
on course participants
(more coming soon)

Core Learning Journey - Pricing Options

The following prices will be subject to adjustment following our launch period
Our focus is preparation, prevention and early intervention through providing training in the I Matter Framework.


Screenshot 2023-12-20 150903-L1 (with Fundamentals)LEVEL 1  
Core relationship health principles

or £275 x 2
  • Registration step
  • 30 day Quick Start Fundamentals (listen and learn)
  • Access to Bonuses and Level 1 Courses 
  • Private community 24/7 group
  • Live Q&A weekly timetable
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated
  • 16 weeks of network membership
  • Access to continuing membership at £49 a month after the first 4 month or option to apply for Level 2 plus
  • Option to purchase printed course posters on completion of Level 1 certificate



Screenshot 2022-11-27 220045-level2 LEVEL 2 
Improving everyday relationships

or £275x2

  • Registration step (requires Level 1)
  • Personalised Progress and priorities consultation
  • Access to Level 2 Courses and Bonuses
  • Private community 24/7 group
  • Live Q&A weekly timetable
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated
  • 16 weeks of network membership
  • Access to continuing membership at £49 a month after the first 4 months or option to apply for Level 3 plus
  • Option to purchased printed course posters on completion of Level 2 certificate


Screenshot 2023-04-24 101238-level 3

Supporting children with additional needs

or £275 x 3
  • Registration step (requires level 2)
  • Personalised progress and priorities consultation
  • Access to Level 3 Courses and bonuses
  • Private community 24/7 group
  • Live Q&A weekly timetable
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track and motivated
  • 52 weeks of network membership
  • Access to continuing membership at £49 a month after the first 12 months or option to apply for Level 3 plus
  • Option to purchase printed course assessments on registration for Level 3


We offer a fast action bonus of £100 of I Matter Credit for anyone who watches the video and signs up within 5 days and £50 I Matter Credit within 10 days.  Once the 5 and 10 day fast action period after watching the webinar is up these bonuses will no longer be available 

Nothing presented in the I Matter Training free or paid course materials creates a client – professional or patient-provider relationship between you and Cathy Betoin or I Matter Training Ltd.   The I Matter Training free and paid course materials were developed strictly for informational purposes and should not be considered medical, behavioral, legal, or therapeutic advice. Testimonials herein are unpaid and unsolicited and non-representative of all participants. Experiences of those who have provided testimonials do not guarantee future results. None of the testimonials included within the I Matter Training course materials or website are from current clients. Please read our full terms and conditions