I Matter Full Day Introductory Workshops

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked


A Live Full Day Workshop is one way to start off an I Matter Learning Journey.   In a workshop we travel very fast through some important ideas.   Later as you work online you will have a chance to deepen your understanding and think about your own role.  


  • Clear explanations of the Evidence base
  • Cost-effective, quality training
  • Empowers child and family practitioners and improves child and family outcomes
  • For ALL staff with a concern for child wellbeing
  • Complements all psychological approaches and modalities
  • Develops a common language, a whole systems approach

Full Day I Matter Intensive Professionals Workshops


Full Day I Matter Intensive Parent-Carer Workshops 



Type of training:

Group training for teams or whole school or parents-carers or
Step 1-2
Step 3-4
Step 5

Typical length:

2 days or one-full-day training followed by a one after school session 2 weeks later. This does not include the price of Resources travel costs or accomodation. 

Aim of training:

To introduce a group of staff in a school or team or a group of parents-carers to the I Matter Framework, providing a shared language and a shared understanding of adult-child relationships. This training has added value if it is part of a planned programme of consoilidation via further online learning or supportive discussion or consuldtations to build shared understanding. 

Example content:

One-two Day::  Step 1 and 2 stress and wellbeing and an I Matter Framework, Brain development, child devleopment and the adult role including the power of our beliefs and attitudes applying the model in schools, practical exercises and opportunities to progress to online learning


£199pp for 2 days
£1499 for a group of 12
£1499 for whole schools-teams with Lead Professionals

Pre-training requirements

None - or in school-team needs I Matter Informed Leadership teaam 


School or team staff, including caretakers, school governors, etc.

The aim of  I Matter  Relationship Health Training is to increase awareness and understanding of what relationship health is and the research on which it is based. On completion, learners will have a greater appreciation of the significance of relationship health to physical health and mental health, including the seeds of relationship health in childhood and the process of relationship health restoration.   

  • Step 1-2   Introducing the I Matter Framework and I Matter approach to Relationship Health  
  • Step 3-4   Working with the I Matter Process – focus direct relationships with children  
  • Step 5       The I Matter Wheel - Everyday applications of the I Matter Framework in practice  
  • Extended Journey        Applications of the I Matter Framework in practice 
  • Supporting Others       Supporting adults or young people on an I Matter Journey

By the end of Step 1 study, participants will 

Be acquainted with the fundamentals of the I Matter Framework and a Relationship Health Approach

By the end of Step 2

Be able to describe the pillars of an I Matter Relationship health Approach with children and with adult

By the end of Step 3

Able to complete a simple I Matter Relationship Health Assessment

By the end of Step 4

Clear about the ways to implement an I Matter Approach in Everyday SItuations

By the end of Step 5

Able to apply Relationship Health principles to a full range of everyday areas of life

In order to offer an I Matter Intervention with adults as well as children, Supporting Others Certification training is required.