I Matter For Young People


Are you a Young Person who wants to learn how to help yourself and improve your relationships?

I Matter for Young People can be offered through a face to face fundamentals programme or an online study option 
r I Matter for Young People is offered through member organisations when parents and carers are also taking part in the programme
 I Matter for young people can offer a practical contribution for a variety of needs

 If you are someone wants to find a way forward then this programme
will start you on a journey with key insights and skills for school and home relationships 

I Matter for Young People helps put the issue of Relationship Health at the centre of the growth of confidence and wellbeing

Young People wanting to help themselves with everyday or challenging situations.

I Matter for Young People offers a way of  understanding what is happening in challenging situations between adults and young people and with peers - at home or at school

The training introduces a relationship health approach to child and adult mental health and wellbeing

The training is designed to be very accessible afor those in states of overwhelm with opportunities to go on and learn more.  

Young People in Indirect Roles eg as a sibling or as a carer  or position of responsibility

The I Matter Model offers a new practical model for helping young people understanding what is happening in challenging everyday home and work situations. 

Participation in I Matter for Young People raining will help you understand what the programme is offering other family members

You will be able to help with creating the conditions for more sensitive and supportive care through  developing your own insight and skills  


I Matter for Young People can be offered through a semi supported or a more intensive supported learning option

The intention of the Programme is to engage young people in stepping back into the role of informed observor, demonstrating how new thinking around everyday and complex challenges can change ideas about the way forward.  
Learning method
s are via local face to face small group workshops or 1:1 supportive coaching

How does it work?

 Participants choose a focus relationship

THEN  there there is study of the I Matter Framework
THEN there there is support to put theory into practice 


The young person programme can be face to face via the fundamentals or online

What will young people be able to do on completion of a Young Person Programme?

Young People will be becoming I Matter Informed to include. 
insight into the Relationship Health aspect of challenging situations
Inital awareness of Dynamic Triple loop approach to understanding difficult situations
more clarity about what to focus on and why to help self and others
ability to informally discuss I Matter Principles with others
ability to advocate more confidently for a the way forward in own setting

I Matter for Young People can be via a Face to Face or Online Programme