I Matter Learning Journey for the Workplace

All successful journeys start with noticing new details that have been overlooked

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The I Matter Learning Journey can be a positive support to several elements of employee personal and professional development and wellbeing

Relationship Health is an umbrella term that describes Adult-Child, Adult-Adult and professional-parent or professional client relationships.  

The I Matter Learning Journey brings the research evidence together into an approach that has wide applicability and as such it can support an organisation in developing a consistent approach to tackling a wide variety of issues that have typically been elusive to manage and address.

As we often observe that parents can overlook their own importance in the life of the child, professionals can overlook the importance of their own attitudes in the overall approach in their own communities.  These issues are often subtle but profound.    When insight emerges it generally emerges through lived experiences that can then be made sense of.

We advise that all organisations thinking about offering a supportive I Matter Learning Journey for employees will need to identify some experienced facilitators who are able to develop safe practices.

Our experience is that whilst participation has strong benefits, readiness is important so no person should be required to complete an I Matter Learning Journey.  Wherever possible we also recommend that the inhouse professional learning journey for professionals is supported by an Independent Facilitator.