I Matter Framework Nuggets Podcasts

Help us take I Matter Framework thinking out into the wider world


If you are not ready for or currently able to access a full I Matter course but are interested in something that can get you started right away, why not sign up for my weekly I Matter Framework Nuggets podcasts? 

This is intended to be a complement to the I Matter Framework book.  Both are invitations to professionals and parents who want to understand what the research is saying about how to help children described as challenging or complex.  It is for people who want to understand what they can do to make a difference.

Registering for our weekly I Matter Nuggets podcasts is an affordable easy way to get a regular small dose of I Matter thinking into your week.

Your subscription also helps us to help you.    Think of yourself as not just helping yourself but also helping me build a team that can ensure that the implications of the research evidence that is key to children's mental health and well-being is talked about and acted upon - not just by you but also by others 



This is the first draft - currently out to feedback. 

The title will be changing a little to Rethinking the Way Forward with the Child Who Challenges Us: An Invitation to Professionals and Parents.


In the I Matter Framework Nuggets podcast you will receive two 10 minute starter podcasts each week - delivered to your inbox on a Monday morning - one with a focus on I Matter Nuggets for professionals and one with a focus on I Matter Nuggets for parents and carers.   

Each short podcast will include:

+ a nugget or important idea from the I Matter Framework

+ a discussion prompted by something I have been involved in during my week working with both professionals and parents 


My goal is to complete 365 x 2 podcasts! between now and next Christmas

What is an I Matter Nugget?    An I Matter Nugget is one very useful idea found in the I Matter Framework that is based on decades of research and evidence relevant to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children.   In our main training programme I Matter Nuggets are woven together into the I Matter Framework.    In these short podcasts you will start to get a sense of some of the important Nuggets that come together in the I Matter Framework course and what their implications are for every day life with children described as challenging or complex.

The I Matter Framework Training Programme is delivered on a rolling programme and so in these podcasts Cathy addresses the themes in the core programme also on a rolling programme basis.  

A Parent-Carer 10 min podcast each week with an I Matter Nugget is £6pcm or £60pa




A Professional and a Parent 10 min podcast each week with 2 I Matter nuggets is £9pcm or £90pa



When you sign up for a full annual membership you will also get access to the I Matter Podcast library


PLEASE NOTE:  The podcast started in December 2019 - so there isn't anything in it yet!  An annual subscription nonethless gives you the equivalent of 2 months free and an easy way of checking back issues.